132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings And Dips

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* * Amazon #1 Best Seller! Kindle Price Dropped: Now $2.99 * *Discover How To Create Magnificent, Healthy Salads From Easy-To-Find Ingredients!"5 Stars! I thought I'd found Nirvana with the Green Smoothie "no-cook" book by this ...
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* * Amazon #1 Best Seller! Kindle Price Dropped: Now $2.99 * *

Discover How To Create Magnificent, Healthy Salads From Easy-To-Find Ingredients!

"5 Stars! I thought I'd found Nirvana with the Green Smoothie "no-cook" book by this same author, and wasn't expecting to learn that much that's new, but now I am awed by this book on Salads, Dips & Dressings. These are tremendous ideas for preparing beautiful salads, each one different from others, and for getting my dinner guests & family to eat the healthy stuff with gusto." - Ventana

Hi! I'm Gabrielle Raiz, and I've meticulously plannedtested and refined every single one of themore than 132 Delicious Salad, Dressing and Dip recipes you'll discover in this book.

I've created a huge number of guaranteed-to-be-yummy salads, dressings and dips for you. It doesn't matter if you're looking to improve your shape and experience super fast weightloss, or if you simply want to improve your nutrition with delicious, easy to make salads. Each and every recipe is healthy, tasty, and tested - and what is even better, take little preparation and use easy-to-find ingredients available from your local store.

I've long been a big fan of salads, but I'm aware that for most people, their experience of a 'healthy salad' is some lettuce thrown together with a tomato and a token vegetable or two, along with a ho-hum dressing. That's NOT What You Will Find In This Book!

Let Me Show You:
  • The #1 Tip for making ANY ingredient combination way more delicious. This one's especially for those 'salad-skeptics'!
  • How to create simple, delicious, healthy salads, dressings and dips - every one of them tried and tested and ... using easy-to-find ingredients!
  • How you don't always need a complex or long list of ingredients to make your healthy creationsinteresting or delicious.
  • How to make Gabrielle's famous and sophisticated 'super salads' - this book contains a huge and versatile range of recipes. Lose weight! Feel vital and alive!
  • 215+ pages of practical information
You see, introducing just one healthy salad to every meal can help make a dramatic difference to any weight loss goal - and still be truly tasty and satisfying! And speaking from experience, I KNOW you need to make diet food delicious. You won't even know you're 'being careful'. It will feel like the most normal, natural and healthy thing in the world.

But perhaps you are not looking for weight loss, but you want to shift your eating habits to incorporate a wealth of new plant-based healthy meals.

Maybe you've heard about the improvements in well-being gained from including more raw food in your diet.

Whatever your goal, you'll discover over 132 healthy salad recipesdelectable dressings,creamy yummy dips and satisfying healthy dinners.

Is the Kindle version 'Risk-Free' like other books advertise?

Yes! ALL Kindle books are 'risk-free' - if you don't like this book - or any Kindle book - you can return it for a full refund inside 7-days.

You've nothing to lose ;) Just scroll up and 'One-Click'!


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    About the Author

    Gabrielle Raiz is an author, a keen foodie and health-loving educator who perhaps surprisingly started her working life as a dentist. She has a knack for making things practical and understandable and has a flexible approach to her food and her yoga. 

    Gabrielle has recently expanded her food writing to publish 2 top selling books "Green Smoothie Magic" and "132+ Delicious Salads, Dressings and Dips". All of her recipes are fuss-free adaptable recipes which most importantly use easy to find ingredients that anyone can make. Some embody beautiful simplicity of 1 or 2 ingredients while others are marvellously complex, but never hard to make! 

    Gabrielle's talent as an author was crystallized through much online writing and of course with the publishing of her highly successful first book: "Hot Yoga MasterClass" (which is now finally, recently available on Amazon). 

    Her hallmark style has an easy, intelligent and conversational tone with a touch of humor! In both her currently chosen fields (!) of nutrition and yoga she has built a solid reputation for creating products of beauty and above all, quality. "What you eat and how you move are 2 fields in which being mindful and present are vital", Gabrielle says. "I love that I help people do both!" 

    As the "Hot Yoga Doctor" she helps tens of thousands of people every month in every corner of the planet improve their yoga practices by demystifying all things yoga, hot yoga and Bikram Yoga™. 

    Something you may not know about Gabrielle (and rather unusual for a yoga instructor) is that she used to race motorcycles! But as she's been known to say "the last time I rode a motorbike was to go and buy a pregnancy testing kit". Her daughter is now 10!

    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    30 of 30 people found the following review helpfulBy Hannah E. on April 4, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I am a college student and the Freshman 15 hit me hard and I've continued to gain weight for the past year. I am DESPERATE to lose weight before I graduate and start applying for jobs, so I began looking at recipes for healthy eating. I found this book and am truly in love. I have found a great way to eat more salads and low calorie foods and am already down 5 pounds since beginning. More than that, this book helps you with your lifestyle choices and keeps you focused on your goals. Another book that had also helped me on this weight loss endeavor is 50 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes: 50 Simple and Healthy Recipes for Slow Cooked Meals. I am a Southern girl and grew up with my mom cooking in a slow cooker often, so it was nice to eat some of these comfort foods and still stay on track. And the best part is, when I come home from a busy day of class and work, dinner is already made! I would definitely recommend both of these books to those who are looking for weight loss that is healthy!
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    14 of 14 people found the following review helpfulBy Cindy on March 16, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I am a 51 year old female who is prediabetic and need to eat more healthy. This book is salad magic. Gabrielle includes great tips and information. The recipes are simple and can be customized with the variations and options suggested as well as recommended salad dressings to make, included in the book. I can now take the boring salads that I make and turn them into healthy meals. This book as well as Gabrielle's Green Smoothie Magic book has given me the knowledge and inspiration to eat healthier and improve my health.
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    13 of 13 people found the following review helpfulBy vegan mom on March 8, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    I am a 48 year old, vegan, mother of 3 teens that aren't (vegan)! Her Hot Yoga Masterclass changed my yoga practice and my life with insightful tweeks to my yoga practice with great DVD's and a beautifully illustrated book that explains the do's and don'ts of hot yoga in more detail for a successful practice. Her Green Smoothie book gave interesting and great tasting options for smoothies that aren't the same old leafy greens, and the recipes are not always green! Now, Gabrielle does it again with great ideas for how to jump start your salads! It has suggestions on how to make more interesting salads than just plain greens and the usual toppings. There are also salad recipes that don't include leafy greens. There are REALLY great ideas for kids that have a tough time with veggies, like mine. These wonderful recipes will definitely make more interesting options and there are a lot of vegetables mentioned that don't get the attention they deserve:-). This book is easy to follow and written with Gabrielle's great sense of humor I can't wait to dig in!!


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