A Man's Guide to Healthy Aging- Stay Smart, Strong, and Active

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Book DescriptionPublication Date: October 3, 2013 | ISBN-10: 1421410559 | ISBN-13: 978-1421410555 | Edition: 1As they reach middle age, most men begin looking forward to "what's next." They gear up ...
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Book Description

Publication Date: October 3, 2013 | ISBN-10: 1421410559 | ISBN-13: 978-1421410555 | Edition: 1

As they reach middle age, most men begin looking forward to "what's next." They gear up to experience renewed productivity and purpose and are more conscious of their health. A Man’s Guide to Healthy Aging is an authoritative resource for them, and for older men, as well. In collaboration with a variety of medical experts, the authors provide a comprehensive guide to healthy aging from a man’s perspective.

Edward H. Thompson, Jr., and Lenard W. Kaye—a medical sociologist and a gerontologist and social worker—offer invaluable information in four parts: • "Managing Our Lives" describes the actions men can take to stay healthy. Here is information about how to eat well, reduce stress, and stay active for better overall health.• "Mind and Body" considers how physical health and state of mind are connected. It explores sleep, drug and alcohol use, spirituality, and attitudes about appearance—and explains how all of these factors affect mental health. • "Bodily Health" examines how body systems function and what changes may occur as men age. It covers the body from head to toe and reviews how to manage chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart conditions. • "Living with Others" shows the importance of interacting with friends and family. Topics include sexual intimacy, friendship, and caregiving, as well as how men can make the best decisions about end-of-life issues for themselves and their loved ones.

Refuting the ageist stereotype that men spend their later years "winding down," this book will help men reinvent themselves once, twice, or more—by managing their health, creating new careers, and contributing their skills and experiences to their communities.


Editorial Reviews


It provides not just information,... but also a distinctive way of thinking about the health of aging men. This book does not just reproduce the same information that is available in similar guides, and it should be useful to both men and their families in addressing their health problems.

(Christian Perring Metapsychology)

This book is the perfect gift for the man who seemingly has everything except maybe a handle on his own health... It’s a worthwhile investment in your male loved ones’ health and life. Husbands, sons and anyone else you love will be sure to benefit from the wisdom between these pages.

(Carol Higgins Taylor Bangor Daily News)

A helpful, upbeat guide that covers major health problems, preventative care, and social and spiritual concerns that contribute to good health... A valuable resource for all middle-aged and older men.

(Publishers Weekly)

Covers almost everything you need to know, but might be afraid to ask, about keeping fit mentally, physically, socially, intellectually and sexually through the decades.

(Wall Street Journal)

An excellent, authoritative head-to-toe guide for men (40 years and older) who want to stay healthy. Much of the advice deals with long-term habits of diet, exercise, and relationships that younger men will benefit from changing before they lead to problems. This is also a good read for women who want to keep the men in their lives healthy.

(Library Journal)

While the book is packed with information, it is written for the layman, with charts and graphs to make things even easier to digest.

(Dave Greenslit Worcester Telegram & Gazette)

About the Author

Edward H. Thompson, Jr., is professor emeritus of sociology at the College of the Holy Cross. Lenard W. Kaye is a professor of social work and director of the Center on Aging at the University of Maine.


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