Becoming a Fashion Designer

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The complete guide to the fashion industry, featuring interviews with top designers who explain the intricacies of the world of fashion design. Anyone who has ever tried to launch a fashion design career knows how grueling it can be. The fash...
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The complete guide to the fashion industry, featuring interviews with top designers who explain the intricacies of the world of fashion design. Anyone who has ever tried to launch a fashion design career knows how grueling it can be. The fashion industry is a highly prominent field, yielding a competitive environment that is greatly guarded, secretive, and difficult to infiltrate. Becoming a Fashion Designer provides all the information, resources, and tools you need to help you navigate these obstacles and successfully launch a career in fashion design. 
Of the various job opportunities available in the fashion industry, the career path of a fashion designer consistently ranks as the most popular position in the field, making the competition even greater. The book pays special attention to this and demonstrates several ways in which an aspiring fashion designer can stand out from the competition. A dynamic and comprehensive career guide, this book imparts insider tips from top fashion designers and executives based around the world. Expert advice includes an introduction to a career in fashion design, educational requirements, career opportunities, the design process, portfolio creation, preparation for getting hired, steps to start and run one's own fashion design business, as well as a forecast of the future of the fashion industry.
  • Features original interviews from top designers and high-profile fashion executives, including Manolo Blahnik, Ralph Rucci, Reem Acra, Peter Som, Anna Sui, Nanette Lepore, Kay Unger, Stuart Weitzman, Dennis Basso, Randolph Duke, Zang Toi, Pamella Roland, Robert Verdi and Daymond John
  • Includes cases in point and insider tips throughout
  • Provides illustrations, drawings, sketches, and photographs demonstrating various aspects of working in fashion design, with special contributions from renowned illustrator, Izak Zenou and legendary fashion photographer, Nigel Barker
  • Offers in-depth resources to assist you on your journey to becoming a fashion designer
Whether a student, recent college graduate, industry professional or career changer, you'll learn everything you need to know to successfully develop a fashion design career.


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Paperback: 320 pages


    Editorial Reviews Review

    Q&A with Rebecca Lazaroff, Founder and Creative Director, belle&beanzer

    Q. What do you do on a daily basis? 
    A. As a business owner/designer, my day is equal parts reflection, creativity, and always embracing the moment. It starts with maintaining our mission to strengthen the connection between a child and a parent through smart design. I put the strategy of the business first in order to design my line. It's imperative to decide on your point-of-view and commit to that in all that you do. For belle&beanzer, it's about integrity, intention, and inspiration--from aesthetic and function, to fabric and factories I choose for production, from boutiques who ask to carry our line, to the interaction with my customers.

    Q. What was your greatest challenge when launching your collection? 
    A. There are two great challenges to any business venture, what you know and what you believe. You bring with you a certain number of skills and knowledge, and the rest you need to learn and/or build relationships with those who have what you're missing. For belle&beanzer, in addition to the aesthetic choices we made, our garments are designed to strengthen the connection between parent and child through smart design. The intention and technical design of our garments had to be just right, and we needed a key design team in place to help us deliver that to our families and caregivers. What you believe will be tested again and again, and it all comes back to your vision, mission, and values. We were offered quick fixes, cheaper alternatives, and watered down versions of our line. However, belle&beanzer values integrity, intention and inspiration in all that we do. Ultimately, keeping that in the forefront of our mind made our choices clear.

    Q&A with Natasha Mayinda, Fashion Design Intern at Ann Taylor

    Q. What are your main responsibilities as a fashion design intern? 
    A. At Ann Taylor, my primary responsibility is assisting the sportswear team. It involves everything from organizing the sample closet to preparing tech packs. On some days, I spend hours exploring the trim closets to look for certain buttons and hook and eyes.

    Q. What is the most challenging aspect of being an intern? 
    A. The most challenging aspect of being an intern is the relatively short duration of it. Once I was familiar with my team and the organization that I had worked for, the internship was close to ending.

    Q. What advice would you give someone beginning an internship? 
    A. Open your eyes and absorb as much as you can. Most of the time, the tasks can feel menial, but there is always something to learn.

    Q. What is your favorite fashion quote? 
    A. "I believe that my clothes can give people a better image of themselves, that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness." – Giorgio Armani



    "Lisa Springsteel has unlocked the door to the impenetrable kingdom of fashion." -Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador, Barneys New York

    "Finally a book I can recommend to all aspiring fashion designers. Thank you, Lisa Springsteel for putting all of this amazing information in one place!" - Fern Mallis, Creator of New York Fashion Week and President, Fern Mallis, LLC 

    "Future fashion designers owe a nod of appreciation and gratitude to Lisa Springsteel for providing a 'Fashion Bible' of sorts, an admirable work of passion which will be revered in perpetuity." - Randolph Duke, Fashion Designer

    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    4 of 4 people found the following review helpfulBy FogCityBookGal VINE VOICE on May 14, 2013
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    Becoming a Fashion Designer is an awesome book to buy for your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or godchild who is into fashion and a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school. It talks about the ins and outs of the fashion business along with a quiz to see if they are really interested in all the aspects of the industry.

    I can also see this book being a great tool for first year fashion institute educators. If your students aren't interested in this book, they probably have no place taking any kind of fashion course!

    As someone who has graduated fashion college, it was still a delightful read. I enjoyed the articles with well known fashion designers and other people in the industry. I enjoyed it immensely, but I think I would have enjoyed it even more as a teen, just getting a glimpse inside the world of fashion. I remember when it was all new to me - this book brought back all the new giddiness of that time in my life.
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    From what I have seen the fashion industry is just competitive as any other field out there. In order to succeed you must not only have the drive and determination but the knowledge to make the right decisions and know what steps will work out the best. In BECOMING A FASHION DESIGNER by Lisa Springsteel we are given not only the ins and outs of the business but first-person accounts as to what it takes to be successful.

    Another great gem from the book is the importance of branding, setting yourself apart from others and making what you do something that people will be curious about, causing them to want to know more about you and your work.

    I think whether you are looking for a career in fashion yourself or are just curious as to how it all gets to the final project, Springsteel's BECOMING A FASHION DESIGNER gives you an insider's view into the making of a winning design and career.
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    3 of 3 people found the following review helpfulBy E. Hernandez VINE VOICE on May 9, 2013
    Format: Paperback Vine Customer Review of Free Product What's this? )
    This one will be shorter and sweeter than ever, and if I get that typical ZERO vote to start off with, it will not be my fault. I loved this book, which covers anything and everything you can imagine that goes into a fashion designer's training, education and employment.

    While I found it irritating for some reason, the way it hangs on and emphasizes job interviews, it is overall an excellent text. It is in no way boring (I did yawn twice reading some of the designer's interviews because they were so robotic, the questions stilted).

    One thing I loved was the particular detail in the description of the designer's portfolio. This simultaneously irritated me because the book for whatever reason repeated the information almost ad nauseam - and I think one good reading of the information is all that's required. So, why put it in there three or four times?

    Otherwise highly recommended and enjoyable. I only lament very strongly the total lack of color in this. Not one single color photo even!



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