Big Data, Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation through Business Analytics

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Ignoring the big data hype and diving right into the value proposition, Big Data, Big Innovation takes a long, hard look at making sure that businesses don't stray off course when chasing innovation. It focuses on real-world goals, strategi...
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Ignoring the big data hype and diving right into the value proposition, Big Data, Big Innovation takes a long, hard look at making sure that businesses don't stray off course when chasing innovation. It focuses on real-world goals, strategies that will help meet those goals, and a locked-down adherence to seeking value at all times.
It provides the requisite knowledge for visionary leaders to create real change by cultivating the right culture, making sure technology becomes an enabler rather than an inhibitor, putting together and retaining the right teams, defining the corporate vision for evolutionary and revolutionary uses of data analytics, and seizing opportunities that can put businesses on the fast track to innovation and success.
  • This comprehensive guide to big data and innovation will help your organization:
  • Hire the right people and empower them with the right culture and motivation
  • Define the right reporting lines and organizational structure
  • Learn how big data drives both evolutionary and revolutionary innovation and who should be responsible
  • Merge the agility of a start-up with the scale of a blue-chip
"This book is a comprehensive look at the tidal wave of change that big data is driving across the globe.  It is a must read practical guide for key decision makers in the big data space. Once again Evan has done an excellent job demystifying the 'How to' challenge that every organisation is facing today."

Mark Steyn, CEO Asia Pacific, Hudson
"Big Data, Big Innovation joins an exclusive club as one of the very few practical guides to analytics for the business person. This is a book to keep by your side as you build capability and the confidence to go out and do it for yourself. Load it on to your ebook now. You're going to need it."
Steve Bennett, Head of Analytics and Information Management, News Corporation
"Evan explores the intersection of two of the biggest corporate game changers of our generation: the increasingly burgeoning amount of information available and the strategy shift from a fixation on operational performance to business innovation."
Doug Laney, VP Information Innovation, Gartner
"Evan Stubbs' new book provides great insight into driving innovation through the sea of Big Data and Business Analytics.  He captures some of the key trends in this emerging area for organizational success.  Don't miss out!"
Jay Liebowitz, Orkand Endowed Chair in Management and Technology, University of Maryland University College; editor of the book, Big Data and Business Analytics
"Brilliant and scintillating read, peppered with pragmatic doses of analytical insights ... the rise of the new age analytics worker, the cataclysmic shift in company culture and mindset coupled with nimble operating models have become the raison d'être for analytics success. Evan's ability to weave together a confluence of factors into a coherent and clear framework for organizations embarking on this journey makes it a remarkable read."
Rahul Bhandari, Chief Analytics Officer, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles
"Big Data, Big Innovation highlights why we need to play "big league" Business Analytics - Evan makes a compelling case for why organisations need to be Analytics-enabled by design."
Professor Dineli Mather, Head of School of School of Information & Business Analytics, Deakin University
"Analytics as a Business Function is well accepted as an enabler for disruption and competitive advantage at a Department level, and is now trying to find its way as a permanent agenda item in C-level discussions. The organisations who recognise only this are, at best, in the middle of the pack ... this book elegantly captures this Zeitgeist in a way that serves as both a comprehensive framework for the late starters and robust checkpoint for the early adopters."
Antony Ugoni, Head of Marketplace Analytics, Seek Australia
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