Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web and Mobile

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In the digital age, content is no longer confined to the written page. It is spread across web and mobile, taking the form of podcasts, webinars, widgets, and blog posts. Powerful content tells the story of your product or business, but it means n...
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In the digital age, content is no longer confined to the written page. It is spread across web and mobile, taking the form of podcasts, webinars, widgets, and blog posts. Powerful content tells the story of your product or business, but it means nothing if it’s not written well, optimized for search and social media, and properly marketed. In Content is Currency, content strategist Jon Wuebben explains the fine art of content development by utilizing the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) techniques, and provides you with the tools and strategies you need to get your online content noticed. Drawing on the latest research, ideas, and case studies in content marketing, you will learn what types of content best suit your specific business, market, and industry; how key content tactics influence search engine rankings and sales conversion; how to leverage social media to connect with your target market; and how to merge the many elements of your web presence. Content is Currency can teach you the techniques to get your content onto the screens and into the minds of B2B and B2C viewers everywhere.

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"Jon Wuebben has done it again. Yes, we are all publishers today, but most organizations are unclear how to use content marketing within their organization to truly make an impact to both attract AND retain customers. If you want the answers to why ... and then how exactly to operationalize content marketing within your business, read this book!" - Joe Pulizzi, Executive Director, Content Marketing Institute, and Co-Author, Managing Content Marketing

"Who cares about great content? Your customers do! The more relevant, quality content your business can provide, the greater your opportunity to attract, engage and convert visitors to buyers. Jon covers all the bases in Content is Currency from personas to SEO to mobile. This book is full of practical tips that you'll be able to "cash in" for better online marketing results." - Lee Odden, CEO TopRank Online Marketing, and Author, Optimize

"Great content is one of the most important parts of inbound marketing, and in Content is Currency Jon does a great job of giving you the foundation to transform your company using content to drive your inbound marketing strategy." - Mike Volpe, CMO, HubSpot 

"Social media and content are connected at the hip. If you do nothing but implement Wuebben's chapters on social media optimization and blogging, you'll be light years ahead of your competitors." - Michael A. Stelzner, Founder,, and Author, Launch

"If you can't create a successful, multi-faceted content program for your company after reading Content is Currency, you're just not trying hard enough. It's a definitive, detailed guide on the realities of making content drive business results. Bravo, Jon Wuebben!" - Jay Baer, Co-Author, The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social

"Content rules the web. Producing content is easy. Producing effective content is not. In Content is Currency Jon Wuebben leads the reader through the what, why, and how of creating effective content in an engaging way. Large businesses, medium business, all businesses should read this book. This is not a volume that is going to gather dust on your shelf; this is a resource you will return to again and again." - Simon Salt, CEO, IncSlingers

"Content is a critical component of your marketing success. The trick is to make your content more about the value it provides and less about the marketing and sales of your products and services. It's not easy to do and most brands are failing at it (miserably). What does that mean? There is a huge opportunity to understand how content makes your business grow. There is a huge opportunity in figuring out how to create valuable content instead of content that is thinly veiled marketing blather. Jon Wuebben's Content Is Currency is your roadmap. Do what he says and your content will turn into money in the bank." - Mitch Joel, President, Twist Image, and Author, Six Pixels of Separation 

"Read Content is Currency to learn the profitable content strategies you need to make more money online today. It's full of valuable details and real-world examples that can help you upgrade your marketing. I learned a lot reading it and you will, too." - Scott Fox, Founder,

"There's a ton of marketing gurus saying to market with content, but they are not explaining how to do it. That's the void Content is Currency fills. Highly recommended." - Bob Bly, Copywriter 

"Content is Currency should be required reading for small business owners and online marketing staff. It gives a step by step guide to business success through an integrated content marketing strategy." - Anita Campbell, Publisher of Small Business Trends, and Co-Author, Visual Marketing


Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 8 people found the following review helpfulBy Andres Marin on December 10, 2012
Format: Paperback
One of the most important steps to succeed in Internet is to have the right content, on the right place and focusing the right customer.

The good

* You will learn the nuts and bolds on content writing, so you can hook up your possible customers and improve your Web marketing and SEO.
* Covers from goal definition, through research, to writing.
* The book is easy to understand and will provide valuable information to beginner and advanced readers.
* You will find advice for web, mobile, eBook, audio and other media. It is hard to find all this information together in one source.
* Step by step guides.

The bad

* The author repeats itself in several parts of the book and over sale the ideas.
* Personally, I don't like the "write great content and become rich" style of writing of the author. Some times you can't remember if you are reading a book or a time share advertisement. It takes much more than good content to succeed in any business.

So, if you can ignore these and extract the good advices I highly recommend this book.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpfulBy Ramon E. Dees on January 25, 2012
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This book was great, but there were two things in particular I loved about it.

Content marketing is critical when it comes to rising to the top among your competitors in today's environment. When it comes to content development, Jon goes into the four stages of what he calls the Content Lifecycle:

1.) Content Strategy & Planning
2.) Content Creation
3.) Content Marketing/Distribution
4.) Content Management/Curation

Second is his coverage of mobile marketing. As a marketing professional, I understand that mobile is now, not the future. Finding good content about marketing (in one place) is important for me to be able to deliver reliable insight and service to my clients. Content is Currency make it easy. One of the most useful points I found was the point about mobile keyword research. Those keywords will be more action oriented ("find post office", or "download ringtone"). He provides a solid framework for knowing how to approach mobile from both a functional perspective and content development.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulBy Rolf Dobelli HALL OF FAME on July 11, 2012
Format: Paperback
To market your products or services online, heed one bedrock Internet principle: Content rules. Your goal is to pull people to your site by appealing to their concerns; the challenge is how. Internet content expert Jon Wuebben answers that question. He shows you how to create compelling content, brand yourself online, market and sell your content, and get eyeballs onto your page. Though Wuebben repeats and contradicts himself once or twice and offers a few overly optimistic predictions, getAbstract recommends his knowledgeable, practical, but basic, guidance to rookie entrepreneurs, business owners and Internet marketers.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpfulBy Andy Paul, Author, Zero-Time Selling on February 16, 2012
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I highly recommend Jon Wuebben's new book, Content is Currency. But be warned. If you are like me, it will take you longer to read than you anticipated because you will be so busy taking notes and making to-do lists on all of the valuable ideas, tips and techniques that Jon packed into his book. Each section is a clearly laid out to provide easy, but thorough, step-by-step instructions for creating great content that is optimized for search engines. Every small & medium-sized business, whether they are new to "content marketing" or have some experience in the field, should use Content is Currency as their standard reference guide. I am. (And I have already purchased additional copies for colleagues both inside and outside of my firm.) Great work Jon!


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