Conversational Intelligence - How Great Leaders Build Trust and Get Extraordinary Results

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giới thiệuThe key to success in life and business is to become a master at Conversational Intelligence. It’s not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain fo...
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The key to success in life and business is to become a master at Conversational Intelligence. It’s not about how smart you are, but how open you are to learn new and effective powerful conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership, and mutual success. Conversational Intelligence translates the wealth of new insights coming out of neuroscience from across the globe, and brings the science down to earth so people can understand and apply it in their everyday lives. Author Judith Glaser presents a framework for knowing what kind of conversations trigger the lower, more primitive brain; and what activates higher-level intelligences such as trust, integrity, empathy, and good judgment. Conversational Intelligence makes complex scientific material simple to understand and apply through a wealth of easy to use tools, examples, conversational rituals, and practices for all levels of an organization.

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From Publishers Weekly

Basing her tips on recent neuroscience research, Benchmark Communications CEO and executive coach Glaser instructs readers on how to enhance conversations in a professional setting, and develop new conversational rituals. Case studies illustrate the essential transition up the levels: Level I, which is transactional (how to exchange data and information); Level II, which is positional (how to work with power and influence); and Level III, which is transformational (how to co-create the future for mutual success.) Following her advice, Glaser claims, will help readers adjust their neurochemistry, strengthen their relationships, and influence the way they interpret reality. The book is strongest when Glaser astutely describes issues such as becoming addicted to being right. Specifics for achieving the title&'s promised conversational enhancement become lost, however, due to overwriting and overreliance on contrived acronyms and unnecessary trademarking: Conversational Intelligence ä¢, STAR Skills ä¢, Vital Instincts ä¢. While readers may glean encouragement from the ability to positively affect their interactions, the book&'s tone will deter most readers. Agent: Al Zuckerman, Writers House. (Oct.)


"Glaser's idea of C-IQ provides an excellent guide to improving effectiveness both on the job and outside the office and should stimulate "thinking different" among practitioners, faculty, and students of business. High recommended." — Library Journal, starred review

“Before you can persuade others, you need to know how to listen and how to communicate. With the best of intentions, we can fall back into patterns and old habits that are less than ideal — it’s just the way we’re wired.Conversational Intelligence builds on the fundamental science of communication to help you achieve more attunement with others. If you’re not getting the results you want, maybe it’s time to give your 'C-IQ' a boost.” —Daniel H. Pink, best-selling author of Drive and To Sell Is Human

“In Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser takes us on an insightful and in-depth discovery of how trust, the most basic human instinct, creates and fuels the foundation needed to transform cultures and companies. Trust, at its highest level, removes self and enables interactions and conversations to connect teams for higher performance and purpose.” — Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry

“Brilliant! Judith Glaser breaks new ground with Conversational Intelligence. Moving us closer to ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (EI) and ‘Learning Intelligence’ (LI) by leveraging the power of ‘Conversational Intelligence’ (CI), she gives us the profoundly practical tools to integrate emotion, learning, and connected conversations into one seamless, life-changing, and leadership-inspiring process. She is truly the ‘Guru of We’!” — Kevin Cashman, best-selling author of The Pause Principle and Leadership from the Inside Out, and senior partner of CEO & Executive Development, Korn/Ferry International

Conversational Intelligence is a tour de force spanning new frontiers of research and practice in organizational change. Glaser reminds us that great leadership derives from powerful social exchange and collective solutions that are intricately woven. Intelligence in a digital age is a new admixture: simultaneously crowd-sourced and deeply personal.” — Michael Levine, PhD, executive director of the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and co-author of Pioneering Literacy in the Digital Wild West

“In her new book, Judith Glaser builds a strong case for how the science and power of conversations can markedly improve business success for both individuals and entire companies. Her approach is both practical and profound: through trust building and level-setting the right conversations, leaders can activate higher engagement, deeper commitment, and transformational results with employees, vendors, and customers. A must-read!” —Ed Gilligan, president of American Express

“Drawing on a lifetime of […] advising America’s top executives, Judith Glaser delivers a masterful analysis of the power of conversation, sharing countless examples of how business leaders are driving change and achieving superior results by leveraging the art and science of ‘Conversational Intelligence’ strategies.” — Kathee Tesija, executive vice president of Merchandising and Supply Chain of Target

“If each of us used and embodied the principles of Conversational Intelligence conveyed by Glaser in this book, it would not only create winning outcomes for businesses, it would change the world! This is a must read for anyone who wants to have major impact in the world, and especially for those in leadership. The concept of Level 3 Conversation is a total ‘game changer’!” — Jane Stevenson, vice chairman of Board and CEO Services of Korn/Ferry International, and co-author of the best-seller, Breaking Away: How Great Leaders Create Innovation that Drives Sustainable Growth and Why Others Fail

“Judith Glaser’s new book, Conversational Intelligence, encapsulates the importance of transparency when building respectful relationships that are founded on mutual understanding. In my organization, radical transparency is a core tenet of our business. Glaser’s method supports our practiced philosophy of transparency, but boils it down to the conversational level, making this a practical guide for individual employees, teams, leaders and organizations to work toward mutually agreed upon success.“ — Ryan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics, contributor to The Wall Street Journal, and named one of Forbes’ “America’s Most Promising CEOs Under 35” for 2013

“In her new book, Conversational Intelligence, Judith Glaser provides tools that help understand what is going on in our conversations with one another and how to elevate our ‘Conversational Intelligence’. Conversations that facilitate connectivity with others enable us to activate our higher executive functions to help build common goals throughout an organization. Conversational Intelligence is a must-read for everyone in an organization driving for high quality relationships, shared success and strengthening the organization's ability to make good decisions.” — Alessa Quane, Chief Risk Officer, AIG

“Words are the ideas on which change is built — if we can see the world we want, we need to learn to express that vision in ways that engage others to join our movement and make it a reality. Conversational Intelligence is crucial for that to happen!” — Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and author of I Believe in Zero: Learning from the World's Children

“So, you think you have the gift of gab? That you’re an experienced communicator and it’s served you well in your career? Think again. Great communication, rather than being a programmed trait, is actually a hard-won skill, and learning how to communicate well requires a master guide. Now we have one. Judith Glaser, an internationally respected executive coach and consultant, has broken the mold with her latest book, Conversational Intelligence…. Simply said, this book is a find.” — Jon Entine, executive director of the Genetic Literacy Project, George Mason University, fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, and author of Tabooand Abraham’s Children

"In modern-day businesses that operate across continents, cultures, or vast generational differences, a mere turn of phrase can mean conflict, chaos, and wasted resources. Glaser's new book, Conversational Intelligence, will help leaders at all levels learn to engage their heads and hearts to generate trusting relationships that drive their companies to being really great local and global players.” — The Honorable Mary K. Bush, president of Bush International and senior managing director of Brock Capital Group, LLC

“In a world with increasingly more information with often less relevance, Judith Glaser has written a primer on taking our daily conversations from typically superficial transactions to meaningful ones in an effort to transform the world around us. Using neuroscience, social science research, and a dose of folk wisdom, Conversational Intelligence presents models, tools, and examples relevant to enhancing any part of our professional and personal communication lives.” — Sandra L. Shullman, Ph.D., managing partner of Executive Development Group, LLC

“In my experience there are books that stimulate the mind, there are books that inspire the heart, and there are books that give practical tools for application. However, it is rare when you find a book that accomplishes all three. Conversational Intelligence is one of those rare books. Judith Glaser’s wisdom and insight draw the reader into the ‘heart’ of her message: ‘To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.’” — Michael J. Stabile, Ph.D., clinical professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Human Resource Development, Xavier University, and founder and president of FutureNow Consulting, LLC

“Judith Glaser’s years of study and experience as an executive coach in large companies have brought her profound insights that manifest themselves in this book of effective strategies underpinned by science and the wisdom of her own heart. Every executive, manager, and coach can benefit from understanding and developing Conversational Intelligence.” — Deborah Rozman, Ph.D., CEO of Institute of HeartMath

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