Culturally On Plan: A Pragmatic Guide for Aligning Organizational Culture with a Strategic Plan and Transforming Management to Leadership

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Culture & Strategy, almost ironic in the same sentence. Strategies are logical, forward looking, & market driven. Culture is emotional, historical, & people driven, though aligning them is critical as highly engaged companies are ...
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Culture & Strategy, almost ironic in the same sentence. 
Strategies are logical, forward looking, & market driven. Culture is emotional, historical, & people driven, though aligning them is critical as highly engaged companies are shown to have 3X the operating margins of low engagement organizations.
Also CEO surveys indicate two-thirds of organizations fail to sustain improvements, likely because behaviors do not change, the methodology reveled in this book succeeds in creating the self-awareness necessary to sustain behavioral (i.e. cultural) changes.
Therefore a successful technique to align culture & started, not based on opinions or theories, instead developed through experimentation is valuable.
Revealed are practical and successful ways to align behaviors that sustain improvements, from an author who has transformed his own business as well as others in 32 countries.
"This is a book to be used." D. Hines, NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION
"Whatever your business, manufacturing or service, if you want to do better this is an essential guidebook." T. Quick, Chair, Defence Materials Technology Centre, Australia
"This book gives the reader a solid approach to move ahead & I am eager to try some of the ideas with my team." G. Angelov, Director WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION
"is a masterful indictment on how a methodical and yet subtle awareness of an individual's culture, and influence this could have on their decision-making, can readily facilitate solid and profitable strategic objective alignment" G.Cole, Director Asia M-I SWACO - A SCHLUMBERGER COMPANY
"It jumps the level of changing behaviors." A. Valdez, LA-Z-BOY 
Culturally On Plan shares a proven and successful method to lead practical culture change to achieve strategic objectives. It is based on recognizing patterns in human change (for example, its always the other-guy that must change).
 Not only will does this book clearly provide a practical & successful method to lead organizational change, but on a personal level you will also realize pragmatic non-biased ways to explore and improve your own personal traits. (note: the CEO's behavior only affects 2 of 5 categories of personality, therefore the leadership team must change)
This new method in reaching strategic objectives is therefore centered on creating individual awareness of traits and behaviors and letting the various leaders compare those privately or publically to the desired traits (in reaching the objectives) and developing a Cultural Transformation Plan that reaches the level of practical and proven actions that help in changing traits. This awareness comes in the form of various individual self-assessments in the areas of behaviors, traits and decision-making abilities, to name a few.
The main steps that have led to success: 
1. Properly deploying the strategic objectives 
2. Evolving a Cultural Transformation Plan
 - Assessing the desired traits and behaviors vital in supporting the strategy 
 - Creating awareness of leadership's current traits and behaviors 
 - Identifying opportunities & practical actions to align differences between the desired and current behaviors
The book begins by exploring why two-thirds of continuous improvement transformations in the U.S. fail to sustain their results (according to CEO surveys). It then explains how the method can be practically applied resulting in successfully reaching objectives and accomplishing cultural change. Consideration is given to: Intuitive versus Analytic Thinking, Leading without Power, Creating a Learning Organization, and Leading instead of Managing, etc.
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