Fashion Design, Referenced - A Visual Guide to the History, Language, and Practice of Fashion

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Fashion Design, Referenced is a comprehensive guide through the art and industry of fashion design, richly illustrated with over 1,000 photographs and drawings. Within the framework of four central categories, Fashion Design, Referenced ...
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Fashion Design, Referenced is a comprehensive guide through the art and industry of fashion design, richly illustrated with over 1,000 photographs and drawings. Within the framework of four central categories, Fashion Design, Referenced examines the many interwoven elements that form the tapestry of fashion.

“Fundamentals” provides an overview of the essential structure of the fashion profession (its organization, specializations, and centers) and looks at shifts in style over time and in ever-faster cycles going forward.

“Principles” introduces the steps in creating a collection, from design to production, and explores directions suggested by sustainability and technology.

“Dissemination” charts the many avenues by which fashion reaches its audience, whether on the catwalk or in the store, in print or online, in the museum or on the street.

“Practice” gathers and appraises the work of the most influential and innovative fashion designers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

From its first question—What is fashion design?—to its last—What does the future hold?—Fashion Design, Referenced chronicles the scope of ideas, inspirations, and expressions that define fashion culture.

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Hardcover: 416 pages


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    "No general book on fashion design in recent years has so successfully reorganized how to think about the field as Fashion Design, Referenced." - Norman Weinstein,

    From the Author

    About this Book
    In 2006 Hussein Chalayan, working with tech innovators 2D:3D, encapsulated eleven decades of fashion in a suite of breathtaking animatronic dresses that morphed from one era into another. Our cover splices together two moments in one such evolution (from Dior to Rabanne) and is meant to evoke fashion's constant referencing and transformation of its history and aesthetic language while looking into the future.
    Our book approaches fashion design from the perspective of connectivity. It unfolds how fashion is imagined, produced, and disseminated within larger social, economic, and cultural systems. We have avoided traditional chapters in favor of entries that can be read individually or as part of an entire cycle. To borrow a metaphor from another discipline, we offer this volume as a kind of tasting menu, our suggestions for a progression of morsels to help the reader cultivate an informed and discerning palette.
    Given fashion's relentless pace and the speed at which information is now transmitted, predicting its future has become exponentially harder. Nonetheless, it is our hope that both students of fashion and connoisseurs of design will find in these pages a path through the complexity of the industry's operations to the substance behind the style, and along the way, discover the extraordinary practitioners who have fashioned the changing perceptions of the world out of thread and cloth.
    Alicia Kennedy


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