Financial Accounting, 7th (Charles T. Horngren)

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giới thiệuFinancial Accounting, 7e helps users LEARN, PRACTICE, and REMBEMBER the accounting cycle. A specially designed Accounting Cycle Tutorial program is integrated in the first three chapters (icons in the margin point readers to an onli...
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Financial Accounting, 7e helps users LEARN, PRACTICE, and REMBEMBER the accounting cycle. A specially designed Accounting Cycle Tutorial program is integrated in the first three chapters (icons in the margin point readers to an online program, a free website that accompanies the book). The program includes tutorials, interactive animations, and practice questions that provide readers with additional, beyond the book instruction on the accounting cycle. This book also provides a no password required online practice environment where readers can work on problems that help them master the accounting cycle and gauge their comprehension. A unique Accounting Cycle Pocket Guide is included for readers to use as a handy reference—it illustrates the key steps in the accounting cycle.

This book covers the full range of topics in financial accounting: financial statements, processing information, accrual accounting, internal control and cash, short-term investments and receivables, inventory, plant assets, current and long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity, long-term investments and international operations, using the income statement and statement of stockholders' equity, the statement of cash flows, and financial statement analysis.

For accountants and employees in accounting departments.

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About the Author

The eighth edition features new co-author Bill Thomas of Baylor University who brings his expertise on auditing, ethics and internal controls. It also features new co-author Themin Suwardy of Singapore Management University who brings expertise on the IFRS framework and principles. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.
Format: Hardcover
What I like about the Horngren Series is the practicality of it. This series still manages to usually hold the number of pages down to about 100 less than its quite excellent major competitors (Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel, Wild-Larson-Chiappetta, and Stickey-Weil-Schipper-Francis). It's still a large-dimension hardcover and this Horngren book has 840 pages. That's plenty of space for one course, and Horngren provides more than enough easy-access online materials as well.

Horngren is mainly used by university students although Weygandt-Kieso-Kimmel have gained market share. But Horngren also recognizes that most financial accountants do not need an accounting degree. They need to understand accounting and know how to do their specific jobs. In fact, I've long noticed the small ratio of accountants working in accounting departments that actually have accounting degrees. For them, the Horngren Series is well-designed. But it still serves the needs of college students.

Horngren places emphasis on the accounting cycle. In doing so, this textbook covers the actual job duties within an accounting department quite efficiently. That's why I also purchase Horngren Series books. I purchase them for staff as well as additional resource material to help me prepare when I teach accounting courses at the university level. Because if its special niche and top-notch editing, I would expect this series to last through many more editions.
Format: Hardcover
They have come out with a new version but my professor says the content is the same. And I got a great deal for this older version.
By Kathryn M on December 21, 2011
Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
I'm so happy I found this book. I have ordered and purchased several accounting books. This is by far the most readable, concise, and comprehendable book on financial accounting. I'm using this book as a review before I take the next installment of financial accounting classes. The chapters are easy to read and the illustrations clarify and validate the core concepts of each chapter. The best part of the book is the answer key in the back. I cannot comprehend editiors and authors who read and write these books, make up all kinds of problems, and don't place an answer key in the book. How is a student suppose to know if they are progressing and answering the question correctly?
I would definitely recommend this book if you are interested in learning the basics of financial accounting or just starting out as an accounting major. Good luck!

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