How To Sell When Nobody's Buying - (And How to Sell Even More When They Are)

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The most effective sales strategies for tough economic timesToday's selling environment is tough, and only getting tougher. The old tactics are no longer working, and the current economy is only making selling more difficult. You need sales ta...
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The most effective sales strategies for tough economic times

Today's selling environment is tough, and only getting tougher. The old tactics are no longer working, and the current economy is only making selling more difficult. You need sales tactics and strategies that work now and fast . . . even when no one wants to buy-and tactics and strategies that will work even better when they do want to buy.

How to Sell When Nobody's Buying is a practical, effective guide to selling even in the toughest of times. This book is packed with new information about creating sales opportunities. Most sales strategies taught today are based on outdated information from ten, twenty, even thirty years ago and they simply don't work today. You'll find the tools and information you need to gain confidence, create powerful alliances, profitable social networks, and drive your profits to unprecedented highs. Whether you sell business-to-business or direct to the consumer, whether you sell real estate or retail, this is the sales guide for you.

  • Features effective, simple strategies for selling in tough economic times
  • Offers free or low-cost prospecting tools that bring in customers by the herd
  • Includes case studies from top salespeople that reveal new ways to bring in customers
  • From sales guru Dave Lakhani, author of Persuasion, Subliminal Persuasion, and The Power of an Hour

These days, you need all the help you can get to sell effectively. If you want to increase your sales and drive your business forward-no matter what the economy or your industry does-learn How to Sell When Nobody's Buying.


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Hardcover: 238 pages


    Editorial Reviews

    From the Inside Flap

    You are holding this book because you need to make more sales fast in an uncertain time. The pressure to sell has never been higher. But as the economy, your industry, and the markets change, does that really mean that people aren't buying anymore?

    Of course not. First, you have to understand, it's not your fault. You're struggling because the current model for reaching and converting customers is seriously outdated and no longer works. You must develop new skills in a rapidly changing world if you intend to sell. We're in a new economy full of rapidly changing industries—and new sales rules apply. Customers have up-to-the-minute information access, a global reach, a social-networking mindset, a desire for instant gratification, and expectations of more powerful, high-tech experiences. That means you must understand what consumers demand of you before putting products and services in front of them. You need to pick up the tools that connect you to your market, expand your networks, and create a persuasive message that reaches customers where they live. The rules have changed and only those most adaptable to change will survive.

    This approach is necessary for everyone in the sales industry. Whether you're a salesperson, a sales manager, are self-employed, or are part of a sales team, How to Sell When Nobody's Buying is the one-stop resource you need to stand out in the marketplace—starting now. A master persuader, marketer, and sales strategist, Dave Lakhani provides the tools and techniques you need to make a difference in your sales numbers and profits immediately, including:

    • Free or low-cost prospecting tools that encourage instead of turn away customers
    • The secret source of unlimited new customers in any industry in any market
    • Case studies from top salespeople that show new ways to seize opportunity
    • Sequential influence strategies that allow you to create massive desire
    • How to increase order size and reorder opportunity with every sale
    • Automated productivity tactics that instantly give you more time and capacity

    Tough times present real opportunity for forward- thinking sales teams. Lakhani gives you the tools and understanding you need to gain new confidence, create powerful alliances, find great prospects, and drive your profits to unprecedented levels. Whether your specialization is retail, B-to-B, B-to-C, real estate, services, or your own business, you can use these quick-and-easy lessons to instantly create more sales, find greater success, and tap into the potential that's waiting for you in the new economy.


    From the Back Cover

    Includes Special Essays by Contributing Authors Ray Cronise, Dr. Rachna Jain, Mari Smith, and Craig Ernst

    "This amazing book is a one-man stimulus package . . . and should be required reading in both tough times and boom times. This timely book delivers fresh actionable strategies that show sales pros how to grab their clients attention and how to take massive action to build sales momentum to a fever pitch."
    Rob Northrup, President, Advanced Extrusion Solutions (and Field Sales Pro)

    "Using the step-by-step daily system in How to Sell When Nobody's Buying, we generated so many leads in the 'worst possible time' that we had to add two new salespeople. Get this book!"
    Stephanie Frank, President, Success IQ University,

    "Brilliant! After only two days of using Dave Lakhani's success strategies outlined in this groundbreaking new sales bible, I'm in the process of negotiating monthly training contracts with Disney and AOL! Enough said? Buy this book today!"
    Janine Driver, Body Language Contributor, NBC's Today show President, The Institute of Leadership Innovation



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