Key Management Ratios

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Book DescriptionPublication Date: April 8, 2010With over 33,000 copies sold, Key Management Ratios is a market “classic”. This new edition is re-packaged with a new jacket design to revitalise the Key Management brand an...
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Book Description

Publication Date: April 8, 2010

With over 33,000 copies sold, Key Management Ratios is a market “classic”. This new edition is re-packaged with a new jacket design to revitalise the Key Management brand and new two-colour internals make it more readable and visually appealing.


Key Management Ratiosis an antidote to any fear of finance. Drawing data from 200 companies worldwide, the book brings clarity and simplicity to its explanation of every measure and shows how they all link together to drive your business.


From cash flow and profit to ROI and ROTA, its unique approach remains as classic as ever, bringing a simple and visual understanding to a complex subject.


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From the Back Cover

Business ratios are the guiding stars by which you steer your company's course; they provide your targets and your standards; they direct you towards the best long-term strategies as well as the smartest short-term solutions. You can't afford to leave them to the accountants. In Key Management Ratios, Third Edition, top financial educator Cieran Walsh teaches you everything you need to knowabout ratios to manage your business far more effectively. This book's thoroughly updated coverage includes: financial statements, balance sheets, and P&Ls; measures and drivers of operating performance; corporate liquidity, financial strength, and cash flow; determinants of corporate value; cost,volume, and price relationships; investment ratios, acquisition analysis, and Shareholder Value-Added (SVA). Simply put, Cieran Walsh enables you to link your company's financial fundamentals to its day-to-day operations--so you can make smarter decisions based on better information.

About the Author

Ciaran Walsh is Senior Specialist Finance at the Irish Management Institute, Dublin. He is trained both as an economist and an accountant and had 15 year's industry experience before joining the academic world.His work with senior managers over many years has enabled him to develop his own unique approach to training corporate finance. As a consequence, he has lectured in most European countries, and the Middle East. His main research interest is to identify and computerize the links that tie corporate growth and capital structure into stockmarket valuation.


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After working under finance for more than 10 years and graduated with both a bachelor's degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance, I have never come across a better book on financial ratios and analysis than this. What Ciaran Walsh wrote here is a classic - his approach has been very illuminating yet simple. Unlike other supposedly-easy-to-use ratio books written by CPAs and PhDs for the non-financial public, Ciaran explains the intracacies of the Balance Sheet, Income and Cash Flow statements in an easy-to-understand language, step-by-step with clear examples. I am sure business people who lack the knowledge in accounting or finance will find this invaluable. Another great feature of this book is that it includes industry-wide benchmark ratio figures for UK, USA, Japanese, etc companies for comparison. This will be especially useful for would-be MBAs, etc in their financial (and to some extent strategic) analysis of real-life case studies. Should be a compulsory companion book to the normal textbooks for those pursuing business or finance majors at both undergraduate and Master's level. Ciaran Walsh's masterpiece is really way ahead of the rest.........
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5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally well written March 11, 2004
If ever there was an un-putdownable book in financial management, this is it.
The author has extremely clear fundamentals, and makes it very easy to follow his logic every step of the way.
The introductory chapters on accounting are the best I have come across. The industry benchmarks are extremely useful. It would be great if we had a newer edition, with updated benchmarks, and a more industry-specific break up (e.g. software)
This book is a must-have for MBAs, under-grads, managers, small business owners, and just about anyone who needs to analyze ratios.


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