M-Commerce - Technologies, Services, and Business Models

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Book DescriptionPublication Date: April 30, 2002 | ISBN-10: 0471135852 | ISBN-13: 978-0471135852 | Edition: 1The first complete introduction to the technology and business issues surrounding m-commerce With the ...
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Book Description

Publication Date: April 30, 2002 | ISBN-10: 0471135852 | ISBN-13: 978-0471135852 | Edition: 1
The first complete introduction to the technology and business issues surrounding m-commerce
With the number of mobile phone users fast approaching the one billion mark, it is clear that mobile e-commerce (a.k.a. "m-commerce") is the next business frontier. Authored by a recognized international authority in the field, this book describes the brave new world of m-commerce for technical and business managers alike. Readers learn about the driving forces behind m-commerce, the impact of WAP, 3G, mobile payment, and emerging location-sensitive and context-aware technologies. A comprehensive look at emerging m-commerce services and business models, as well as the changing role of mobile network operators, content providers, and other key players. The author concludes with informed predictions about the future of m-commerce.


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"...easy to read...well-written and nicely set out?a useful tool..." (M2 Best Books, 9 September 2002)

From the Back Cover

Presenting the first book ever to provide a complete introduction to m-Commerce!

Mobile Commerce, or m-Commerce, is part of an explosion of new usage scenarios that overcome the limitations of mobile devices in support of highly personalized and time-critical activities for consumers and enterprises alike. With tens of millions of m-Commerce consumers around the world today and a billion mobile phone users, the question is not whether m-Commerce will materialize but rather whether you and your company are ready for it. In this innovative book, Norman Sadeh, an internationally recognized authority on m-Commerce, dives into a discussion of the exciting developments that are currently impacting businesses and consumers the world over. In addition to reviewing the background and driving forces behind m-Commerce, such as the transition to 3G, Sadeh thoroughly explores the m-Commerce value chain and the changing role of many of its actors from mobile network operators and portals to content providers, e-tailers, and financial organizations.

Along with offering a managerial overview of m-Commerce, Sadeh draws on his experience to provide in-depth analysis on topics such as:
* WAP, 3GPP's OSA, and positioning technologies
* Mobile security and payment
* Opportunities for new m-Commerce services and applications
* What it takes to succeed based on lessons learned from leaders such as NTT, DoCoMo, Webraska, Nordea, and Oracle Mobile

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good overview of M-Commerce technologies and service October 22, 2002
Sadeh's "M-Commerce: Technologies, Services and Business Models" is an outstanding introduction to this, the next step in the e-business revolution.
Sadeh's writing style is very simple to understand and follow and he does an outstanding job of relating the material to everyday life through good, real-life examples. He cites current m-commerce usage in Japan and Europe and relates how it could be used here at home. Among his prime examples are NTTDoComo's I-mode, Nordea's WAP as well as vendors such as Ericsson, Nokia, and AT&T. You also get a good grounding in the technology and history of the mobile industry as well as best practice business tips that industry innovators have used to gain their competitive advantage. Overall, this is a great look at the technologies behind m-commerce and the various types of services it can afford.
Here is the listing of topics Sadeh addresses:
1. The Buzz Behind M-Commerce: Proliferation of mobile devices, personalized and location-sensitive services, new usage scenarios, etc
2. The M-Commerce Value Chain: Business models, content providers, aggregators, software vendors, equipment vendors, network operators
3. The Transition to 3G: 2G technologies, 2.5G technologies, wireless architecture
4. The Mobile Internet: TCP/IP on wired and mobile Internet, WAP architecture, WAP protocols
5. Mobile Security and Payment: Cryptography, digital signature, certificate authorities, public and private key encryption
6. M-Commerce Services: Information services, directory services, banking and trading, e-tailing, e-ticketing, entertainment, business applications
7. Next-Gen M-Commerce: Personalized services, location-sensitive services, global positioning services
Overall, this book is extremely easy to read and more importantly, a good learning tool. This book was used as the text for an m-commerce course I took during the fall of 2002. Whether you are studying this subject independently or whether you are an instructor looking to use this book for your course, you cannot go wrong with Sadeh's "M-Commerce: Technologies, Services and Business Models."
Highly Recommended
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5.0 out of 5 stars Superb Introduction to Mobile Commerce May 11, 2002
By A Customer
I don't write book recommendations too often but this truly is a must-read for those who want to understand mobile commerce.
The author provides a splendid overview of this fast moving area, covering both technology and business issues. This is the perfect book for managers like myself who've been hearing bits and pieces about m-commerce but lack a more comprehensive overview of what's out there today, what works and what doesn't and where this entire area is likely headed in the years to come.
The book is modular and well written with easy to understand sections on the underlying technologies (e.g. WAP, mobile security, 3G, LBS, etc.) and insightful discussions of key business issues (e.g. the changing role of mobile operators, profit sharing business models, the role of personalization and context awareness, mobile payments, etc.) The author also does a great job at pointing key usability and privacy issues. I strongly recommend this book.


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