McGraw-Hill - Winning the Merger Endgame - A Playbook for Profiting from Industry Consolidation

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Book Description Publication Date: October 28, 2002 | ISBN-10: 007140998X | ISBN-13: 978-0071409988 | Edition: 1 An indispensable guide to strategic best practices for business mergers Thirtee...
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Book Description

Publication Date: October 28, 2002 | ISBN-10: 007140998X | ISBN-13: 978-0071409988 | Edition: 1

An indispensable guide to strategic best practices for business mergers

Thirteen years ago, the experts at A. T. Kearney embarked on a landmark, worldwide study of business mergers. Encompassing 25,000 companies across 24 industries in 53 countries, the study revealed much crucial information that was previously unknown about business consolidation. This book shares those revelations and insights with senior executives, consultants, and industry analysts involved in the merger process.

More important, it builds on those findings to present readers with a solid game plan for winning the consolidation game.

Readers learn about the consolidation cycles through which industries pass, how to identify where in the cycle their industry currently lies, how to leverage that knowledge in determining which organizational changes they need to make and when they need to make them, and how to develop and deploy the most successful merger strategies.


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About the Author

Graeme K. Deans is the chairman of A. T. Kearney, Canada, and leader of the company's Global Strategy and Organization management consulting practice.

Dr. Fritz Kroeger is the vice president of A. T. Kearney, Germany, where he cochairs the company's Global Strategy Initiative.

Dr. Stefan Zeisel is a leading consultant at A. T. Kearney.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Consolidation rules discovered December 22, 2002
By A Customer
I read this book with great interest. Working in retail for more than 10 years now, this book matched my experience and helps me to forecast what might happen in my industry over the next couple of years. Although I - as well as many other readers - have an idea of what could happen or what is probably, this book with the underlying research of thousands of companies over more than 10 years and the expertise of a consulting powerhouse brings the findings to the point and quantifies them. The only small disadvantage is the title: as the book is not only focusing on mergers, but on consolidation trends as a whole (therefore also valid in times where consolidation trends are fought via price wars and organic growth).
I would already speculate that this book will become a real classic and I recommend it to any strategist, CEO or CFO interested in the mechanics of consolidation trends and finding long term survival strategies.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, compelling paradigm February 6, 2003
By A Customer
In a glut of milquetoast business books, "Winning the Merger Endgame" stands out as a gem. The combination of solid research, analysis and writing style results in a credible, useful book that anyone interested in business should read. The heart of the book is a model that describes and predicts how industries consolidate. It's a compelling discovery that will undoubtedly change--and chart--business strategies for years. Bottom line: read it and use it.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars to the point December 10, 2002
By A Customer
Finally a book that is "to the point". Simple, short, with new ideas and interesting examples.



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