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This valuable materials directory for professional dressmakers and fashion designers is also a good reference source for students of fashion design, as well as for those who make their own garments. The author points out the best fabrics for ...
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This valuable materials directory for professional dressmakers and fashion designers is also a good reference source for students of fashion design, as well as for those who make their own garments. The author points out the best fabrics for creating specific garments, explaining how each fabric's qualities make it suitable for various items of apparel. Knowing which fabrics can support a structured silhouette is fundamental to fashion design, and this book explains the use of stiff or crisply textured fabrics for tailored garments, as well as soft textured fabrics for rounded forms. Ornamentation is also discussed, and includes advice on how to work with different fabrics to create what author Gail Baugh classifies as opulent, simple, and in-between decorative effects. The book's additional features include:
  • Fiber characteristics charts
  • Weave charts and knit charts with fabric names and photos
  • A glossary of terms and definitions
  • Lists of textile suppliers, online stores, and study resources 

    This directory of textiles and their uses is profusely illustrated with more than 500 color photos.

Product Details

Paperback: 320 pages


    Editorial Reviews


    "The book's discussion of responsible design and fabric production provides the foundation for detailed descriptions of over 120 fabrics and fabric manipulations. . . . This directory will be a valuable addition for university and college libraries supporting fashion and textiles programs, as well as industry professionals." 
    --CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

    From the Inside Flap

    (back cover) 
    This is the fabric and textile directory that dressmakers and fashion designers have been waiting for. It's like having your own personal textiles expert on hand to recommend fabrics that match the effects you want to achieve. You'll discover how different fabrics perform, and you'll learn the many ways to use them. 

    The directory is organized by function. Do you want a fabric for its structure, fluidity, added volume, definition, or decoration? Do you want a garment that clings to the figure, or one that allows you to construct a whole new silhouette? What is the overall effect you are aiming to achieve--pretty, or lustrous and magnificent? 

    Each fabric described in the directory comes with color photos of samples that illustrate its properties, helping you understand how a given fabric's qualities make it suitable for specific items of apparel. 

    At the back of the book you will find essential guides to fiber properties, counts, weaves, knits, weights, characteristics, and care advice. 

    Gail Baugh teaches textiles and merchandising at both San Francisco State University and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She has extensive fashion industry experience, particularly in global product development and sourcing for large retail chains.

    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    13 of 13 people found the following review helpfulBy Jean Holland on December 15, 2011
    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    I was really hoping I would hate this or at least find it to be mediocre, because my book budget has long been exceeded this fall. However, despite how hard I tried to find reasons why this could get sent back for a refund, I just COULD NOT part with it. I love it, it is exactly the kind of resource for a person who wants to do fashion design. I am a beginner; lots of ideas but not sure how to match to fabric characteristics. The book has great detail, great pics, and is a dream-stimulator extraordinaire!
    FIVE stars,and I am not an easy grader.
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    13 of 14 people found the following review helpfulBy New designer on March 25, 2012
    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    I am a new designer and have been looking for a book that not only describes the myriad of fabric choices one could use but also takes into consideration the impact that producing these fabrics have on the planet...this book is a fabulous reference not only for newbies to the industry..but even for experienced designers who are interested in True Green processes and fabrics...Gail Baugh not only writes with an intuitive style for the designer (answering questions that i had not even thought of asking) but also cuts through all the "merchandising hype" on green and really explains how to intelligently choose fabric manufactures who practice true sustainability. It is hard to find a better book out there that discusses the fundamentals of design and the impact that fabric choices have on the resulting garment as well on the planet that we all live on!! A must read for all designers, especially if you plan on incorporating "Green fabric design" into your line!
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    9 of 9 people found the following review helpfulBy els on December 21, 2012
    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    Wow, what a great book. Anyone getting into fashion and sewing will love this book. Extremely detailed. I didn't know there were so many fabrics to choose from. It talks about the positives and negatives of various fabrics. It is a great help for someone like me. I'm getting back into sewing and fashion. It helps me zero in on good quality fabrics to focus on and which ones are easier to work with. I highly recommend it for young designers, fashion inspiration, sewing projects.


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