Trade What You See- How To Profit from Pattern Recognition (Wiley Trading)

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Trading the financial markets is extremely difficult, but with the right approach, traders can achieve success. Nobody knows this better than authors Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas, both traders and educators of traders, who have consistently ...
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Trading the financial markets is extremely difficult, but with the right approach, traders can achieve success. Nobody knows this better than authors Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas, both traders and educators of traders, who have consistently used pattern recognition to capture profits from the markets. In Trade What You See, Pesavento and Jouflas show traders how to identify patterns as they are developing and exactly where to place entry and exit orders. While some patterns derive from the techniques of Wall Street’s earliest traders and other patterns reflect Pesavento’s emphasis on the geometry of market movements and Fibonacci numbers.. Filled with hard-won knowledge gained through years of market experience, Trade What You Seeoutlines both a practical and sophisticated approach to trading that will be of interest to both novice and seasoned traders alike.

Larry Pesavento is a forty-year veteran trader. He operates a Web site,


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Hardcover: 224 pages


    Editorial Reviews


    "…should prove valuable to those already practicing technical analysis and who want to take their trading to the next level." (Investors Chronicle,  Friday 28th March 2008)

    From the Back Cover

    Praise for Trade What You See

    "Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas, the quintessential traders of chart patterns and the techniques of past masters of technical trading, have put together a compilation of their studies. Their experience extends over forty years. This book covers the essence of chart patterns trading plus the mental preparation necessary for successful trading. There is something in this book for both the beginner and experienced trader. Highly recommended."
    John Hill, President, Futures Truth Co.

    "Pesavento's innovative work has been an invaluable part of our firm's technical approach. This book covers new ground and should be in every serious trader's library."
    Craig Columbus, President and Chief Market Strategist, Advanced Equities Asset Management

    "Larry Pesavento and Leslie Jouflas have done a brilliant job with this book. Whether you are a professional or novice, this is a must-read book to gain more confidence in trading."
    Dickson Yap, Publisher, The Trader's Journal magazine

    "An in-depth conversation on overall trading knowledge, even for the advanced traders!"
    Dar Wong, Acute Precision & Studies Research Inc.

    "Excellent book on pattern recognition technical trading—well written and thorough with plenty of good illustrative charts."
    Mark Douglas, author, The Disciplined Trader and Trading in the Zone


    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    84 of 98 people found the following review helpfulBy Sau Cheung on February 21, 2008
    Format: Hardcover Verified Purchase
    I've come to trust the reviews on amazon but i have to say that they are way off the mark for this particular book.
    After trading for a few years, i've come to the belief that the simplest chart patterns are the best and you can find just about any pattern on a chart if you squint hard enough.
    The authors would point out "ABCD" patterns after they have formed.
    Perhaps the book was just poorly written but i just dont see the book helping any beginners and very few experienced traders.
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    34 of 38 people found the following review helpfulBy S. Hogan on November 12, 2007
    Format: Hardcover
    "Trade What You See" is an excellent guide to help traders filter through market volatility and media hype. Jouflas' and Pesavento's latest offering is a concise overview of how to look at the markets and identify high probability, low risk trade opportunities. From Fibonacci ratios, AB=CD patterns, to trade management and trading plan, any trader can supplement their own trading style with the basic trade guidelines outlined in this book.

    As another review of this book has pointed out, the section "Learning to Recognize Trend Days" is very valuable. This section can be helpful to any trader to take advantage of trend day opportunities. The section is invaluable for countertrend traders who have not yet developed a strategy to recognize and trade trend days. At the very least, simply identifying a trend day can keep a countertrend trader from getting caught in low probability trade situations. Jouflas takes you through multiple steps of a trend day enabling a trader to more easily assess what is happening.

    Disclosure: I have followed both Leslie Jouflas and Larry Pesavento for several years. Even so, in reading this book, I found myself brushing up on some areas. Especially the "Trend" section.
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    27 of 31 people found the following review helpfulBy Gordon Fowlds on December 9, 2007
    Format: Hardcover
    "Trade What You See" provides an excellent overview for an individual who is interested in trading stock and commodity markets. Many books try and guarantee the perspective trader that the markets will provide you with riches and absurd returns. Instead the authors of this book are very careful to not provide the reader with wild exaggerations of potential market trading profits. The readers are provided with a clear and concise explanation of market patterns and the use of Fibonacci ratios in assisting a trader on when to enter and exit the market. Numerous pattern examples are given where the probability for a positive trade is significantly higher than 50% and how a trader should approach these situations.

    "Trade What You See" covers in detail how to reduce the risk of losses through the use and placement of stops while minimizing the risk on any given trade. Throughout the book the writers are very careful to point out the pitfalls of trading and how to avoid large losses. The authors cover in detail a sound money management system and place it as the major key to becoming a successful trader. This is why this book is very well done.

    There is no hype, just a pragmatic, objective approach to stock trading. Anyone who trades stocks or commodities needs a copy of this book. The book is very useful not just for "day" traders, but long term investors who want to know when to buy and sell stocks and avoid large losses. Even for a person who trades on fundamentals this book is an important guide.

    If you purchase this book and follow the provided money management principles, you will certainly minimize your risk of incurring large losses in the stock market. This is why I found this book superior to other books I have read on stock trading.



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