User Experience Innovation: User Centered Design that Works

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User Experience Innovation is a book about creating novel and engaging user experiences for new products and systems. User experience is what makes devices such as Apple's iPhone and systems such as so successful. iPhone custom...
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User Experience Innovation is a book about creating novel and engaging user experiences for new products and systems. User experience is what makes devices such as Apple's iPhone and systems such as so successful. iPhone customers don't buy just a phone; they buy into an experience enabled by the device. Similarly, customers enter a world of book reviews, interesting recommendations, instant downloads to their Kindle, and one-click purchasing. Products today are focal points, and it is the experience surrounding the product that matters the most. User Experience Innovation helps you create the right sort of experience around your products in order to be successful in the marketplace.

The approach in User Experience Innovation is backed by 18 years of experience from an author holding more than 100 patents relating to user experience. This is a book written by a practitioner for other practitioners. You'll learn 17 specific methods for creating innovation; these methods run the gamut from targeting user needs to relieving pain points, to providing positive surprises, to innovating around paradoxes. Each method is one that the author has used successfully. Taken together, they can help you create truly successful user experience innovations to benefit your company or organization, and to help you grow as an experienced expert and innovator in your own right.

  • Provides 17 proven methods for innovating around user experience
  • Helps you think beyond the product to the sum total of a customer's experience
  • Written by an experienced practitioner holding more than 100 user-experience patents


What you’ll learn

  • Identify target users, their needs, and core tasks
  • Relieve pain points and innovate around conflicting user needs
  • Provide positive surprises and a good first impression
  • Create compelling ecosystems surrounding your products
  • Develop context-awareness in your products
  • Win the battle against organizational challenges

Who this book is for

User Experience Innovation is for product designers, product managers, application and web designers, and developers responsible for creating products and influencing their design and operation. User Experience Innovation encourages you to look at the big picture surrounding your product and service and how it is used, helping you create a successful user experience that leads to a larger, more satisfied, intensely loyal customer base.

Table of Contents

  1. Successful User Experience Innovation
  2. Identifying Target Users
  3. Identifying User Needs
  4. Identifying Core Tasks
  5. Core Task Innovation
  6. User Experience Innovation for Technologies
  7. User Experience Innovation for Applications
  8. Relieving the Pain
  9. First Impressions Innovation
  10. Positive Surprises and Wows
  11. Ecosystem Innovation
  12. Lead User Innovation
  13. Copying with Pride
  14. Innovating Around Paradoxes
  15. Innovating around Context Awareness
  16. Innovating around New Products and Users
  17. Prototyping and Verifying Solutions
  18. Meeting Organizational Challenges

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Editorial Reviews


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From the Author

Welcome to my Amazon page for my book.
I tried to create a book for people who are not too familiar with the UX area. People who has a wish to create truly innovative solutions around the very important UX area for every device, system or software. I have in no way tried to create an academic book. I have myself read too many of those and they are intangible in the 'how'-part. My book is a 'cook book' for persons who are actually doing the innovations around the UX area. And I hope you will find inspiration and not least tangible methods in the book. Methods that you can use in your daily work as a UI designer, UX practitioner, front-end software developer or similar. I have simply tried to describe the methods I have used myself to create some of the most sold user interfaces in the world - and I have tried to describe the methods that I have used to create my more than 100 patents.
A single review from Alex has indicated that the content is a bit obvious but I assume that Alex is already an expert in the UX area - and maybe the description of the book from the publisher promises too much (?).
Anyway, please file more reviews - good or bad. As a UX practitioner I am of course highly used to listen to my customers ;o).
Cheers, Christian.
Format: Paperback
A Great introduction to the UX design process from a guy with years of real world experience in innovation. Definitely worth a read if you are starting out in UX.
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1 of 2 people found the following review helpfulBy jv1492 on January 14, 2013
Format: Paperback
This book in my opinion is well written and provides tips and a structure of what to look for when trying to create or improve a product. The book provides concepts that although may be obvious, it tells you what to do with those concepts and how to organize them. Sometimes we do not see what is in front of us, and we spend time looking for something that is already there.

I think, the author makes a great job in defining pain points and how to deal with them, as well as making clear differences between user experience vs user needs vs core tasks vs usability, etc. Also, I think the way how he defines innovation is very interesting. I think the concepts on this book can be applied to website, software applications or any other product from a toothbrush to an Android phone.

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