Writing Winning Business Proposals, Third Edition

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Giới thiệuWinning proposals that turn prospects into clientsBased on the proposal-writing system used at A.T. Kearney and KPMG Peat Marwick, Writing Winning Business Proposals features proven strategies, along with worksheets and other t...
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Giới thiệu

Winning proposals that turn prospects into clients

Based on the proposal-writing system used at A.T. Kearney and KPMG Peat Marwick, Writing Winning Business Proposals features proven strategies, along with worksheets and other tools that clearly show clients what they want and will easily seal the deal.

Thoroughly updated, the third edition offers general guidelines that apply to all business proposals making this the must-have proposal-writing book to have on hand.

Writing Winning Business Proposals features:

  • Winning formula from top consultants proven to work for any proposal
  • Complete step-by-step process, walking you through all the difficulties
  • Up-to-date, user-friendly redesign with new worksheets and charts
  • Updates on fees and collaboration

If you're seeking approval for projects, or want a client to buy, invest or do something, Writing Winning Business Proposals is the reference you need to get you to get them to do what you want.

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Richard C. Freed is a professor in Iowa State University's Program in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. His Variables of Composition was named by the National Council of Teachers of English as the best scholarly book on professional communication. A consultant to major international consultancies, he has taught his proposal-writing program, based on the methodology in Writing Winning Business Proposals, in 27 countries on five continents.

Shervin Freed and Joe Romano are both former Vice Presidents at A.T. Kearney, where Romano was in charge of worldwide professional development. He now teaches math and science to middle-school children in Cleveland.

By A Customer on May 30, 2000
Format: Paperback
This is an outstanding instructional on how to create effective communications, particularly with clients/customers. It is aimed at consultants, but really applies to communications broadly--whether you're presenting a proposal to a prospective client, or trying to convince your boss to give you a raise.
It takes the essence of Barbara Minto's "pyramid principle" of organization and adds to it audience evaluations, audience perspectives, and general guidance on how to make your communication well-received. It highlights common assumptions and errors on the part of any author, and truly makes a writer put him/herself in the shoes of the audience.
It's an easy read at a bargain price, and I've recommended it to everyone with whom I work. Well worth the price!
Format: Paperback
I had no idea how to write a business proposal. I followed this book to the tee...I now write major proposals for my company and my proposal kicked the ass of a couple of MBA's. There were a lot of red faces when I showed up my with version of a proposal. I essentially went from having no idea how to write a proposal to setting the bar on how to write a proposal, thanks to this excellent book.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpfulBy Peter Fulcher-Meredith on November 15, 2012
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I have been writing all sorts of proposal for more than 30 years with a reasonable hit rate. After reading this book I realised I was blindly ignorant to the proper process and have been really winging it all this time. I wish I had read it a long time ago so I could be retired in the Bahamas now. What a pity. If you want to win business more regularly through the quality of your proposals read it now!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpfulBy bobm on September 14, 2011
Format: Paperback
I just read "WWBP" and was quite smitten by its approach, methodology, and especially the "psychologics" - clearly a home run.

I'm a Silicon Valley technology guy - not a business person - and I have never written a business proposal or plan. I required a formal proposal, so I did the research and bought 9 top-rated books on business proposals. I wasted my money on 8 of them. "WWBP" was the only book I needed.

The authors present a clear, easy-to-follow approach with examples that include not only the required proposal elements, but also address the psychology of the buyers. And, it's written from the client's perspective. Invaluable!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpfulBy jon on December 20, 2012
Format: Paperback
This is an invaluable book for anyone whose job involves persuading people to buy using the written word.

Firstly it provides a framework for building a comprehensive picture of the customer, their issues and their purchasing triggers. Secondly it provides in depth advice on how to best use the information within the framework when constructing a proposal. Thirdly, and finally, it offers ways to optimise the process of bid writing to deliver competitive advantage when putting forward a proposal.

I've been writing for a few years now in a business capacity and the insights within have given me lots of ideas on how to improve my writing generally, as well as an awesome head start on this new area for me.

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