Your Little Steps to Self Confidence for Life: Includes a free 30 day personal development course "Little Steps"

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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free 30 Day Personal Development Course! “Just wanted to say an enormous big thank you for this course. I have looked forward to the daily email, I’ve always appreciated them. I’ve learnt a fair bit about m...
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LIMITED TIME OFFER: Free 30 Day Personal Development Course!

“Just wanted to say an enormous big thank you for this course. I have looked forward to the daily email, I’ve always appreciated them. I’ve learnt a fair bit about myself in the process and undoubtedly made progress in several areas.” – Simon

“It makes life more manageable so that you don’t feel overwhelmed” – Julie

“An exciting challenge each day” – Michalis

“I’m really starting to notice a difference my little steps are making. Mostly in the procrastination area but also to some extent in confidence as I’ve spoken to strangers more in the last 2 weeks than I ever would normally. Thanks for making the difference happen – little steps is so easy to follow” – Lynne

Self Help, Practical & Motivational guidance for stressed and busy people looking to get help with their self confidence, motivation and overall well being.

This is a collection of blog posts that I have written for a number of different personal development websites. I've reordered them in to a more logical sense to make it easier to find the help that you need. 

Below you will find a selection of comments from my clients.

I often get too involved with what I’m doing right now to be able to sit back and assess where my life is going and what is going wrong. With Paul’s guidance, I work out how to slightly tweak the way I live my life and the result is an easier, happier life where I feel in control.

In December 2009 I was recovering from an illness that I am sure was symptomatic of stress and imbalance in my life especially through my job as a Public Servant. I decided to get myself a life coach and see if I could make some changes. In just 6 sessions with Paul Bailey I had enrolled with the The Coaching Academy for 3 Coaching qualifications and a practitioners course in NLP; made changes to my work schedule to get more work life (and now study) balance; improved my relationships with my partner and son and landed a substantial contract for external work that I am sure came from the confidence Paul has helped me find in myself.
I am now on the road to becoming a coach myself with a website, business cards and my first coachee with 5 more in the wings! I will be forever grateful to Paul who asked the right questions, created the right environment of trust and responsibility to enable me to find the right answers and change my life.

Fantastic coaching with Paul. He makes you think for yourself rather then tell you how to do it. Which is great. I struggled at first with goals and now I can do goals and I always remember to ask myself “how will i do it”.
Paul is a fantastic coach

Right from the free introduction session I got the impression that Paul is a very professional coach, has a friendly personality and is someone that I would feel comfortable with. Paul has very efficiently helped me making those decisions that I had been running away from before I started with coaching sessions. The answers to your questions are usually not far away, but Paul is very efficient in helping you to find them as well as to come up with achievable actions to make sure that the coaching sessions will produce concrete and satisfactory results.
Due to my sessions with Paul I now am much more happy in my professional life as well as his coaching has definitely contributed in me realizing one of my dreams which is to travel the world for a while!

I wasn’t an easy person to coach at this point in my life. I said to Paul several times that I was behaving like a stubborn donkey, who didn’t want to move forward, although I knew I needed to. Paul didn’t let me get away with that behaviour, though it must have seemed pretty challenging at times with my inertia.
I had thought that as we had both worked in the IT industry we would somehow work better together than with people from different backgrounds – but I actually found something better; he is very neutral about this.

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