Advertising Media Planning, 7th Edition

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The industry standard for 30 years—updated to include the newest developments in digitization and the three screens of videoApply the latest advertising technologies Build your brand in every medium Create the right budget for each campaig...
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The industry standard for 30 years—updated to include the newest developments in digitization and the three screens of video

Apply the latest advertising technologies
Build your brand in every medium
Create the right budget for each campaign

Through six previous editions, Advertising Media Planning has proven essential to the success of both practicing and aspiring media planners. Now in its seventh edition, it continues to provide valuable insight into the construction of media plans that most effectively achieve marketing objectives.

Advertising Media Planning, seventh edition, retains all the critical information you need to know about traditional media—including TV, radio, and print--while exploring the latest media forms, illustrated with major advertiser case histories. You’ll find comprehensive coverage of the latest media planning and digital technologies, including:
• Organic and sponsored Google search • Digital out-of-home video • Internet banners • Computerized media channel planning • Cell phone mobile-media • DVR’s impact on TV commercial viewing • New online and traditional media measurement technologies • Interactive television • Cross-media planning • Data fusion • International competitive spending analysis

This is an exciting time for media planners. Those with the most creativity, strategic insight, and knowledge of the market are sure to find the greatest rewards. Providing firm grounding on the fundamentals and bringing you up to speed on the latest developments in digitization, this updated classic is the best and most complete companion available for navigating the new frontier of media planning.


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Hardcover: 496 pages


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    About the Author

    Jack Z. Sissors was a professor of media planning and strategy at Northwestern University. He created and edited The Journal of Media Planning and spent many years at Leo Burnett and other top advertising agencies.

    Roger B. Baron is senior vice president and director of media research at DRAFTFCB, whose clients include SC Johnson, MillerCoors Brewing Company, Boeing Aircraft, State Farm Auto Insurance, Taco Bell, and Merck Pharmaceuticals. He is a former media director and now member of the Media Rating Council, the Market Research Council, and the Advertising Research Foundation. He lives in Chicago, IL.


    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    13 of 13 people found the following review helpfulBy Sonya L. Svaty on July 28, 2003
    Format: Hardcover
    I've worked in the media departments of two major advertisers and a major advertising agency--and I use this book all the time when I need help on any training sessions I am conducting. It is very thorough with all information you need, but also concise enough not to get bogged down.
    For my own use, I find the section on Media Planning Resources on the Internet and invaluable tool to find more information.
    A must for any media planner's or buyer's bookshelf!
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    8 of 8 people found the following review helpfulBy Roderick White, Editor, ADMAP, Feb, 2003 on February 13, 2003
    Format: Hardcover
    One of the mysteries of the UK ad scene is that there is no good, up-to-date, practitioner-written textbook on media planning, so the arrival of an updated version of an established US text is doubly welcome.
    Jack Sissors and (mostly, as a result of Mr Sissor's ill-health) Roger Baron have done a very thorough and comprehensive job of explaining and illustrating the basics, from how to get information about any given medium to how to put together a strategy and a detailed plan.
    Unsurprisingly, the material is purely US-based, and therefore includes, for example, considerable discussion of the problems of reconciling different area definitions; but analyses such as how to weight a plan by region or medium can apply, suitably modified, anywhere.
    There is a wide range of suggestions for (mostly) websites from which to seek detailed information, some of which may be both unfamiliar and useful to non-US readers - the MPA's analysis of the effects of position and ad size in magazines is a good example....
    Many of the references may seem old, but, as the authors make clear, they have gone back to the classic originals of basic thinking - and much of this still holds good today.
    The new edition is up-to-date, with quite extensive discussion of the internet as a medium, and slightly more limited coverage of cross-media and multi-media planning. Conversely, data fusion barely gets a mention - and is not in the index. Nor are optimisers, which are not discussed in any detail - merely treated as a tool of the trade - or modelling, which gets a brief half page on p374.
    If the book has a weakness, it is in the area of evaluation, which gets several mentions, but little detailed discussion. In an era where effectiveness has marched up advertisers' list of priorities, this may need addressing next time.
    Nonetheless, any would-be media person should read it, and learn.


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