Consumer Psychology

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Book Description Publication Date: January 1, 2010 | ISBN-10: 033522928X | ISBN-13: 978-0335229284 | Edition: 1 Why do people behave and think the way they do? What makes people choose certain products and services? Ho...
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Book Description

Publication Date: January 1, 2010 | ISBN-10: 033522928X | ISBN-13: 978-0335229284 | Edition: 1
  • Why do people behave and think the way they do?
  • What makes people choose certain products and services?
  • How does consumption affect our everyday lives? Informed by psychological theory and supported by research, this book provides an overall understanding of consumer behaviour and underlying thought processes. Psychology is central to an effective understanding of consumer behaviour and this book shows how it can be used to explain why people choose certain products and services, and how this affects their behaviour and psychological well-being.

    It explores key theories within social, cognitive and developmental psychology to show how psychology can help explain consumption behaviours. These include:

    • Memory
    • Learning
    • Perception
    • Attention
    • Emotions
    • Decision making

    Each chapter features an introduction, key terms and a summary as well as study questions or class exercises that encourage you to think critically about the subjects covered. Each topic is illustrated with real-life examples, including adverts and case studies, allowing you to relate the theory to everyday life.

    Written in a clear and accessible style, this book is essential reading for students of consumer psychology. It is also important reading for anyone studying consumption, whether in marketing, consumer behaviour, sociology, anthropology or business studies.


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    About the Author

    Dr Cathrine V. Jansson-Boyd is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK.

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