Digital Business Ecosystems

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Digital Business EcosystemsTable of ContentsCoverThis book is published by the European Commission,  in association and with the support of the FP6 projects DBE and OPAALSEdited by: F. Nachira, P. Dini, A.Nicolai, M.Le Louarn, L.Rivera L&egr...
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Digital Business Ecosystems

Table of Contents


This book is published by the European Commission, 
in association and with the support of the FP6 projects DBE and OPAALS

Edited by: F. Nachira, P. Dini, A.Nicolai, M.Le Louarn, L.Rivera Lèon

Section 0


Section 1: Science, New Paradigms

  • P.Dini - Introduction - A Science Foundation for Digital Ecosystems
  • G.Briscoe, S. Sadedin - Natural Science Paradigms
  • F.Zeller, J.Wallmannsberger - DE and Language
  • A.Corallo, S.Protopapa - Business Networks and Ecosystems: rethinking the biological metaphor

Section 2: Economic and Social aspects, New Paradigms

  • R.O’Callagan - Introduction - Towards dynamic clustering: Capabilities and IT enablers
  • M.L.Darking - Understanding the Role of Governance in the Context of Digital Ecosystems
  • L.Rivera Lèon - Understanding the Costs and the Potential Economic Impact
  • E.Berdou - A critical, inward and outward view of Digital Ecosystems’ open, collaborative communities: interdisciplinarity, sustainability and scalability at the intersection of gift and exchange economies
  • P.Tsatsou, S.Elaluf-Calderwood - Theoretical and Methodological Foundations for a Knowledge Base of Regulatory Issues: Trust in Digital Business Ecosystems

Section 3: Digital Ecosystem Technology

  • M.Vidal, J.Gabaldon - Introduction -The Digital Ecosystem Technology and the Distributed Nature of Information
  • P.Ferronato - Ecosystem Oriented Architecture vs SOA
  • P.Malone - DE services in Ecosystem Oriented Architectures
  • A.Corallo, V.Cisternino - Modelling Languages, BML, SBVR
  • J.Gabaldon, J. Aparicio - DE Topology: Information in Nature
  • J.Kennedy - Distributed Infrastructural Services
  • L.Telesca, H.Hoshutamski - A Trusted Negotiation Environment for Digital Ecosystems
  • T.Kurz, A.Passani, T.Heistracher - Social Network Simulation and Self-Organisation

Section 4: Case Studies of Technology Transfer and Digital Ecosystem Adoption

  • G.Dominici, A.Passani - Introduction - Adoption Policy Social Networks
  • B.Dory - Adoption Mechanisms and Strategies
  • J.Val - The experience of the Aragon region as a catalyst of Digital Business Ecosystems
  • N. Konda, V.Bayon, R.Shelton - The West Midlands regional catalyst in the activation of the digital ecosystem
  • A.English, B.Dory - DBE in Ireland: an Irish Open & Connected Digital Ecosystem Initiative
  • J.Chatterjee, T.V.Prabhakar, R.Sarkar - Evolution of a Digital Ecosystem for Knowledge Services to Indian Agriculture
  • M.Ferrero, F.Bria, O.Persico - Synergies between Pontos de Cultura and Ecosystems

Section 5: Digital Ecosystem Projects Cluster

  • M. Le Louarn - Introduction - The "Technologies for Digital Ecosystems" cluster of FP6 projects
  • Summaries of the FP6 projects of the Cluster

Luxembourg: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 2007 - ISBN 92-79-01817-5  

Graphic Editing by Paolo Antinori

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