Effective Immediately - How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your First Real Job

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When you’re new to the workforce, ambition and talent aren’t enough—getting on the fast track to success requires much more.If you’re a recent college graduate or new hire, Effective Immediately shows you how to e...
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When you’re new to the workforce, ambition and talent aren’t enough—getting on the fast track to success requires much more.

If you’re a recent college graduate or new hire, Effective Immediately shows you how to excel at your first job and jump-start your career. As an up-and-coming professional, you’ll learn how to transform yourself from entry-level employee into skilled, invaluable all-star during your first year on the job.

Accomplished young professional Emily Bennington and her mentor, seasoned manager Skip Lineberg, empower you to: 

• Establish yourself as a top performer from day one
• Use every task—even grunt work—as an opportunity to shine
• Earn the respect of your boss, colleagues, and clients 
• Cope with conflict, mistakes, and toxic coworkers
• Land key assignments and gain greater responsibility 
• Manage projects and lead teams like a pro 

Packed with practical advice, useful resources, and wisdom from former newbies, this savvy hand-book gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to reach your highest potential.

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Editorial Reviews


“Effective Immediately will teach you what you didn’t learn in college.”
—Jim Pawlak, business book reviewer for The Dallas Morning News, 5/2/10

“For recent graduates accustomed to giving teachers exactly what’s expected, the challenge of a workplace may be daunting. That’s why it would be useful for college presidents to hand out Effective Immediately to their students along with the diplomas. Co-authors Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg tell readers how to make their mark early on.”
—Leslie Whitaker, Content That Works 
“This is a book with brevity, energy and wit likely to appeal to newbies in the career maze.” 
—Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Media Services 

“The perfect resource to help college graduates launch a successful career.”
—Brad Smith, president and chief executive officer, Intuit

“A no-nonsense guide to maintaining a powerful presence at work that yields extraordinary results and keeps you ahead of the pack.”
—Dan Schawbel, personal branding expert and author of Me 2.0

“Grads will learn a lot and have a few good laughs in the process.”
—Alexandra Levit, author of New Job, New You

“This book is filled with invaluable wisdom from authors who have led and inspired others. It’s that increasingly rare book—written with respect for our time with brevity, clarity, energy, and wit. What more could a reader ask for?”
—Harry Beckwith, bestselling author of Selling the Invisible and You, Inc.
Effective Immediately shows recent college graduates how to be key players at work by providing them with the necessary tools to successfully manage their professional image, their relationships with coworkers and their boss, and ultimately their career trajectory.”
—Shawn Graham, director of MBA Career Services, University of Pittsburgh, and author of Courting Your Career
“An essential resource for young professionals that bridges the gap between what you can’t learn in college—and what you need to know to succeed on the job.”
—Gaston Caperton, president, the College Board, creator of the SAT and Advanced Placement Program
“This book packs a wallop of practical wisdom for young rookies determined to make it to the all-stars.”
—Robyn Waters, author of The Trendmaster’s Guide and The Hummer and the Mini

About the Author

A protégée and her mentor, Emily Bennington and Skip Lineberg help recent graduates bridge the gap between college and the workforce. Motivated by the premise that free coffee shouldn’t be the sole highlight of a newbie’s workday, Emily and Skip regularly host seminars on career success. Both authors live in Charleston, West Virginia. 

During her first years in the workforce, Emily Bennington helped manage a successful Supreme Court Justice race and became the spokesperson for a business that was under intense public scrutiny. After navigating such sink-or-swim experiences with the guidance of her first boss, Skip Lineberg, Emily discovered that not all graduates are blessed with great mentors. Today she is a frequent speaker at universities and organizations on the topic of career success, particularly advancing the skills of young women in the workplace and volunteering as a means of leadership development. Emily also teaches a graduate course on social media and hosts a popular career blog at www.ProfessionalStudio365.com. She is a member of the CAREEREALISM team of career experts and contributes regularly to business publications and blogs on professional development issues.  

As a career newbie, Skip Lineberg learned the art of successful management at General Electric during the Jack Welch heyday. Today he applies those skills as the owner of Maple Creative, a marketing firm staffed with more than a few young professionals. Under Skip’s leadership, Maple has grown into a thriving business and garnered dozens of prestigious awards. Skip also hosts Maple’s Marketing Genius blog, which AdvertisingAgemagazine named one of the 150 most influential business blogs on the Web.


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