Explaining Buyer Behavior - Central Concepts and Philosophy of Science Issues

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Book DescriptionPublication Date: June 4, 1992 | ISBN-10: 0195071085 | ISBN-13: 978-0195071085This volume provides the fundamentals needed to understand the various explanatory systems and methodologies used in the behavio...
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Book Description

Publication Date: June 4, 1992 | ISBN-10: 0195071085 | ISBN-13: 978-0195071085
This volume provides the fundamentals needed to understand the various explanatory systems and methodologies used in the behavior sciences and to evaluate their findings, in particular the literature and findings on buyer behavior. In clear prose, the author discusses the key issues in modern philosophy, psychology, and sociology and their relevance for the student of marketing and buyer behavior. O'Shaughnessy exploits insights from many disciplines as to the many ways to derive understanding of behavioral phenomena, making it accessible not only to academics and students of marketing, but to professionals as well.

Editorial Reviews


"Serious readers will find viable and useful fundamentals for understanding and appraising models and other less-structured explanations of buyer behavior....Ideally, all students of marketing, as well as marketing managers, should possess thorough grounding in philosophy and the behavioral sciences; however, frequently time constraints restrict our keeping abreast of developments in those fields as they pertain to marketing. A careful reading of [this book] can do much to close the gap and to serve as a guide for further investigation."--Choice


"This is one of those rare contributions to the marketing literature that deserves the attention of all those involved in the profession."--Journal of Macromarketing



About the Author

John O'Shaughnessy is at Graduate School of Business, Columbia University.

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