Hidden in Plain Sight- How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers

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Hidden in Plain Sight by global innovation consultant Jan Chipchase with Simon Steinhardt is a fascinating look at how consumers think and behave.Chipchase, named by Fortune as “one of the 50 smartest people in tech,” ha...
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Hidden in Plain Sight by global innovation consultant Jan Chipchase with Simon Steinhardt is a fascinating look at how consumers think and behave.

Chipchase, named by Fortune as “one of the 50 smartest people in tech,” has traveled the world, studying people of all nations and their habits, paying attention to the ordinary things that we do every day an how they effect our buying decisions. 

Future-focused and provocative, Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers illuminates exactly what drives consumers to make the choices they do, and demonstrates how all types of businesses can learn to see—and capitalize upon—what is hidden in plain sight today to create businesses tomorrow.


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Hardcover: 256 pages


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    “…a lively, thought-provoking, and often humorous read.” (Publishers Weekly)

    From the Back Cover

    A global-innovation expert offers a new perspective on how consumers think and how to develop products and services that affect their everyday lives.

    Who are your next customers—not just the ones you are serving today but the ones you'll need three, five, or ten years from now? How do you figure out what goods and services will attract them in the future before your competitors do?

    According to Jan Chipchase—whom Fast Company has called the "James Bond of design research" and Fortune has called the "Indiana Jones of technology for the developing world"—most of the clues are right in front of us. The key is learning to see the ordinary in a revolutionary new way. As the executive creative director of Global Insights at frog, an award-winning global design and innovation company, Chipchase draws on everyday objects and patterns to show us how to see the world differently, from making a phone call to filling up a gas tank to ascertaining whether it's actually half-and-half you're pouring into your coffee. Chipchase is always looking for opportunities—gaps, anomalies, and contradictions—that will give his clients, some of the world's largest and most successful companies, a distinct competitive advantage, whether they're delivering the most low-tech bar of soap or the most high-tech wireless network.

    In Hidden in Plain Sight, Chipchase takes readers on his journeys around the globe and shares his methods for identifying the unmet needs of customers. No matter where he stops—whether Cleveland or Kabul—his goals are the same: to spot and decode the routines of daily life and to help readers use the very same tools that he and his team use to see, and capitalize upon, what is hidden in plain sight today to create businesses tomorrow.


    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    6 of 6 people found the following review helpfulBy Mikael Leppä on May 8, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    This book is well researched, written and edited, offering excellent in-depth information in a very readable form. It is highly recommended reading for anyone looking for insight and inspiration on how real people use and interact with products and services in the real world. Several excellent pointers are offered to designers, marketing and corporate decision makers, and anyone interested in ethnography or futures research will also find plenty of food for thought.

    For anyone not familiar with design research or Mr. Chipchase's extensive work in this field Hidden in Plain Sight is certainly a 5 star book. For me, however, as a designer doing some similar work within my narrow corporate business field, and thus having followed Mr. Chipchase's blog for years already, the book does not offer that many new insights. It occasionally felt like a recap of the blog's highlights, which is not a bad thing by any means; It's great to have them all collected in one volume. Just that the wow-effect is a bit dulled, making it a 4 star for me.
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    5 of 5 people found the following review helpfulBy gerowe simmons on April 27, 2013
    Format: Hardcover
    This is not some pop-science meta-speculation on secondary research. Hidden in Plain Sight: How to Create Extraordinary Products for Tomorrow's Customers is a crisp blend of theory, process, and example. It is refreshing to read an account of the depth of thought involved in "good" design research. I wish my entire anthropology class was required to read this book.

    TL;DR - Worth it.



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