How to Hire A-Players - Finding the Top People for Your Team- Even If You Don't Have a Recruiting Department

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How to find great employees, make great hires, and take your business to the next levelIt is always easy to find people who want a job, but it's never easy to find and hire A-players. In How to Hire A-Players, consultant Eric Herrenk...
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How to find great employees, make great hires, and take your business to the next level

It is always easy to find people who want a job, but it's never easy to find and hire A-players. In How to Hire A-Players, consultant Eric Herrenkohl shows owners, executives, and managers of small and medium-size businesses where and how to find A-player employees. It is these individuals who will help keep quality high and growth and profits strong.

Herrenkohl explains how to use your existing marketing, sales, and networking efforts to find top candidates. He provides current examples of companies that consistently hire A-players without big recruiting departments as well as step-by-step explanations for making these strategies work in your own company.

  • Shows you how to find and hire top employees.
  • Ideal for owners of small businesses, executives and managers of large businesses, as well as corporate recruiters and HR specialists who need new ideas
  • Herrenkohl's client list includes privately held businesses in over 50 industries as well as big corporate names like Bank of America, Edward Jones, and Northwestern Mutual Life

A-player employees are the life blood of any growing business. This handy hiring guide shows you where to look, what to ask, and who to hire to boost your business today


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Editorial Reviews

From the Inside Flap

Where do you go to find fantastic people for your company? You know you need them, you want to hire them, but you seem to end up with the same lackluster talent. Is there any hope?

How to Hire A-Players is a road map for finding the A-player talent you need to build the business you want. No matter the state of the economy, it is never easy to find A-players. You have to know where to look and how to attract phenomenal performers to your business.

How to Hire A-Players explains how to find the "rock star" employees who can take your company to the next level. Maybe you have an HR department–or maybe you are the HR department! Either way, this book explains how to develop a team of which you are truly proud, by:

  • Refusing just to "fill positions"

  • Creating an A-player mind-set throughout your organization

  • Developing a "farm team" of A-player talent

  • Becoming the hunter vs. the hunted at industry conferences and events

  • Finding pools of A-player talent your competitors are missing

  • Ending attempts to turn C-players into A-players

  • Knowing how to turn B-players into A-players

  • Becoming an Influencer who attracts A-player talent

  • Creating an employee referral program that actually works

  • Conducting great on-campus recruiting even if you are a small company

  • Transforming your web site into an effective recruiting tool

  • Leveraging LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks to tap directly into A-player talent

  • Avoiding landmines when hiring an outside recruiter

Whether you're a small business owner looking for a one-stop playbook or an HR professional seeking the latest ideas and resources, How to Hire A-Players gives you the tools to create a team that generates better results. Implement the ideas in this book and join elite executives who build organizations which will make them money for years to come.


From the Back Cover

Praise for How To Hire A-Players

"It takes A-Players to conceive, design, and build a world-class business system so C-Players can produce A-Player results. How to Hire A-Players tells you how to find the A-Players you need to grow your business. Read it, or forever settle for less than you deserve." 
—Michael E. GerberAuthor of The E-Myth books and The Most Successful Small Business in the World

"A must-read for any business that must produce more for customers who demand more for less." 
—ill J. Bonnstetter Chairman of the Board TTI Performance Systems, Ltd.

"This book should not only be on the desk of every HR manager, but required reading for every member of a company's executive team. The tactics shared in this book are both cost effective and creative. Now ANY company, regardless of size, can effectively compete for the most important resource for success: the A-Players." 
—Allen HaugeGroup ChairmanVistage International

"If your company needs to improve any aspect of finding, hiring, and keeping outstanding employees, How to Hire A-Players is a must-read. As Herrenkohl points out, the best coaches are the best recruiters; they know how to attract talented players, incorporate them into their program, and produce a winning team. If you want to create a great business, this book tells you how to build the team to do it."
—Jeff Phillips President Fleet Feet Inc.

"Every great NCAA basketball coach knows that success in March Madness starts years earlier when a network of scouts identifies talented young kids playing in junior high school. In How to Hire A-Players, Eric Herrenkohl teaches busy managers how to build their scouting network and where to get a glimpse of the A-Players of tomorrow's team."
—Richard Ryffel Managing Director, Investment Banking Edward Jones

"Eric Herrenkohl is like a divining rod for finding talent and How to Hire A-Players is the Holy Grail of recruiting. It will help you find, recruit, nurture, and retain the best and the brightest."
—Alan Weiss, PhDAuthor, Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive!


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