The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave - How to Recognize the Subtle Signs and Act Before It's Too Late

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Book DescriptionPublication Date: January 3, 2005For every employee who leaves your company for higher pay or a better opportunity, there are many more for whom those "reasons" are just convenient explanations - and the real impetus...
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Book Description

Publication Date: January 3, 2005
For every employee who leaves your company for higher pay or a better opportunity, there are many more for whom those "reasons" are just convenient explanations - and the real impetus for their departure may never be brought to light. Perhaps the real question is: Why are they looking for new jobs in the first place? According to more than 80 per cent of employees, it's not that there's greener grass on the other side of the fence; it's the preponderance of negative factors in their current workplaces - from poor management practices to toxic workplace cultures - that essentially push them toward the door. The "7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave" can help you identify the "push" factors in your organization, and mitigate or eliminate all of them. Incorporating data from surveys performed by the prestigious Saratoga Institute of more than 19,000 employees, this critical book examines in depth: How the employee and the employer travel a two-way street of expectation and reality; What are the warning signs of unmet expectations, and how can you best act on them?
How incomplete talent strategies lead to employee-job mismatches; why a passion for matching must become a core competency in your organization; the ultimate cost of insufficient or ineffectual feedback; a five-step coaching process that builds strong and durable working relationships; how growth and advancement opportunities are not keeping pace with new career expectations; how to create opportunities and help your employees create their own; best pay practices, rewards programs, and other initiatives for valuing and recognizing employees; understanding the emotional impact of compensation and recognition programs. The real toll that stress and overwork take on your employees - and on your bottom line; a look at how the best places to work in America got that way, even without high-profile or "newfangled" perks or benefits; how leadership and employees can (and must) build an environment of mutual trust and confidence; and the three universal questions every employee needs answered, and how a disengaged workforce is the direct result of detached leadership.
The key to becoming an Employer of Choice - a workplace where top talent are knocking down the doors to get in - is to develop the attitudes and implement the programs that address each of the above areas. The "7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave" presents 54 Best Practices that will serve as the building blocks for a proactive approach to employee satisfaction, growth, and retention."

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Editorial Reviews


Canadian HR Reporter: "An insightful and sobering account."



"""In this book Leigh has turned the tables on retention. His concept of pull versus push factors is a great insight. Many people are not pulled out of an organization by a better offer. They are pushed to the door so that when a better offer comes along it is easy to take the last step across the threshold. Every one of the seven reasons Leigh cites for turnover are preventable and not expensive. From selection for fit, to on-the-job support, to being valued, the organization has the power to keep almost anyone they want. Having outlined the problem, Leigh then provides over 50 ways to engage and keep people. This is an invaluable guidebook on retention.""

-- Dr. Jac Fitz-enz, Founder & CEO, Human Capital Source; author of The ROI of Human Capital


""Any book that can give you ideas that help you retain just one employee is worth the cover price many times over. Leigh Branham's book can help you hold on to your best. It's chock full of practical examples and suggestions, best practices, and inspiring stories. Highly recommended.""

-- Robert Levering, coauthor of Fortune's ""100 Best Companies to Work for"" list; cofounder of Great Place to Work® Institute


“Branham's work will help companies better understand employee turnover's devastating impact on their culture and their bottom line. And insightful leaders will use his practical advice to help employees stay, and their companies succeed.”

Jeff Chambers, Vice President, Human Resources, SAS


""A solid and stimulating set of insights, ideas, and solutions around the ongoing challenge of engaging and retaining talent.""

-- Lou Kaucic, Chief People Officer, Applebee’s International, Inc."


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