Bigger Leaner Stronger - The Simple Science of Building the Ultimate Male Body

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MICHAEL MATTHEWS' #1 BESTSELLER WITH OVER 40,000 COPIES SOLD!If you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible without steroids, good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym and money on supplements...then ...
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If you want to be muscular, lean, and strong as quickly as possible without steroids, good genetics, or wasting ridiculous amounts of time in the gym and money on supplements...then you want to read this book.

Here's the deal:

Getting into awesome shape isn't nearly as complicated as the fitness industry wants you to believe. 
  • You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars per month on the worthless supplements that steroid freaks shill in advertisements.

  • You don't need to constantly change up your exercise routines to "confuse" your muscles. I'm pretty sure muscles lack cognitive abilities, but this approach is a good way to just confuse you instead.

  • You don't need to burn through buckets of protein powder every month, stuffing down enough protein each day to feed a third world village. 

  • You don't need to toil away in the gym for a couple of hours per day, doing tons of sets, supersets, drop sets, giant sets, etc. (As a matter of fact, this is a great way to stunt gains and get nowhere.)

  • You don't need to grind out hours and hours of boring cardio to shed ugly belly fat and love handles and get a shredded six-pack. (How many flabby treadmillers have you come across over the years?)

  • You don't need to completely abstain from "cheat" foods while getting down to single-digit body fat percentages. If you plan cheat meals correctly, you can actually speed your metabolism up and accelerate fat loss.
In this book you're going to learn something most guys will never know: The exact formula of exercise and eating that makes putting on 10 to 15 pounds of quality lean mass a breeze...and it only takes 8-12 weeks.
This book reveals secrets like...
  • The 6 biggest myths & mistakes of building muscle that stunt 99% of guys' muscle gains. (These BS lies are pushed by all the big magazines and even by many trainers.) 

  • How to get a lean, cut physique that you love (and that girls drool over) by spending no more than 5 percent of your time each day.

  • The 4 laws of muscle growth that, when applied, turn your body into an anabolic, muscle-building machine. You'll be shocked at how easy it really is to get big once you know what you're doing... 

  • How to develop a lightning-fast metabolism that burns up fat quickly and leaves you feeling full of energy all day long. 

  • The carefully-selected exercises that deliver MAXIMUM results for your efforts, helping you build a big, full chest, a wide, tapered back, and bulging biceps. 

  • A no-BS guide to supplements that will save you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars each year that you would've wasted on bunk science and marketing hype. 

  • How to get shredded while still indulging in the "cheat" foods that you love every week like pasta, pizza, and ice cream. 

  • And a whole lot more!
Imagine, just 12 weeks from now, being constantly complimented on how you look and asked what the heck you're doing to make such startling gains. Imagine enjoying the added benefits of high energy levels, no aches and pains, better spirits, and knowing that you're getting healthier every day.

The bottom line is you CAN achieve that "Hollywood hunk" body without having your life revolve around it--no long hours in the gym, no starving yourself, no grueling cardio that turns your stomach. 
With this book you'll also get a free 88-page bonus report from the author called "The Year One Challenge." In this bonus report, you'll learn exactly how to train, eat, and supplement to make maximum gains in your first year of training. 
By applying what you learn in the book and in this report, you can make more progress in one year than most guys make in three, four, or even five (seriously!).
Buy this book now and begin your journey to a bigger, leaner, and stronger you!

Product Details

Paperback: 208 pages


    Editorial Reviews


    "I am in my 5th week of doing the weight routines and eating methods and I have lost 11 pounds to date and my strength has sky rocketed."
    -Chris McAuliffe (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "After following this plan for only 5 weeks, I have already lost 13 lbs of body fat while continuing to build muscle mass and strength at 47 years old."
    -John W. Bellmore (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I've gone from squats with just the bar to 180 lbs. in just 8 weeks."
    -eljacobito (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I've been following my program for 10 weeks now and am incredibly happy with my results - I've lost 8 kg and made great strength gains."
    -"somewhatangry" (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I have been cutting for about 5-6 weeks and have lost about 13lbs so far. I went from a 35 in waist now down to a 31 ½ in waist, and have gone up in weight in almost of my lifts."
    -Andrew (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I gained 10 pounds of muscle in 3 weeks good for me after a short plateau."
    -Adam D. (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "After following Mike's plan for 2 months now I have lost 13 pounds and am seeing huge gains in muscle definition already."
    -"Samwell54" (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I've already added 2 lbs every week during the past few weeks while increasing my lifts by 5 or 10 lbs every time I lift."
    -Mitch (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I implemented his workout routine the next day and lost 11LBS the first week and I feel strong!"
    (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "After 7 months of following the Bigger Leaner Stronger program, I am fitting easily into 36" jeans and with 35lbs of weight lost. I'm fitter, healthier and with better muscle definition than in my entire life and I am easily stronger than I've been in 20+ years."
    -J. Williams (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I've been on the program 3 weeks now and I've dropped 10 lbs, 2.5% Bodyfat, while still getting stronger each week."
    -Tyson G. White (Amazon Verified Purchase)

    "I was surprised to see fat literally fall off me (I lost 20lbs of fat in under 2 months) and muscle mass build up faster than I had ever seen it."
    -Jeff K (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "After six weeks of successful, satisfying, and motivating workouts, (and seven pounds lean mass gain, plus 20-45 pounds added to my lifts, across the board)."
    -"ACM" (Amazon Verified Purchase)
    "I've put on about 7 pounds in just 4 weeks without much noticeable gain in fat."
    -Chad (Amazon Verified Purchase)

    From the Author


    I'm Mike and I believe that every person can achieve the body of his or her dreams, and I work hard to give everyone that chance by providing workable, proven advice grounded in science, not a desire to sell phony magazines, workout products, or supplements.

    Through my work, I've helped thousands of people achieve their health and fitness goals, and I share everything I know in my books.

    So if you're looking to get in shape and look great, then I think I can help you. I hope you enjoy my books and I'd love to hear from you at my site,



    Most Helpful Customer Reviews

    109 of 111 people found the following review helpfulBy Chris McAuliffe on August 6, 2013
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    This book is an excellent manual on how to build a better body. While there maybe thousands of ways to skin a cat in terms of exercise programs if your looking to build muscle and loose fat Bigger Leaner Stronger has all the information you need.

    Michael Matthew's gives a nice brief history about why you can't go by what the major muscle magazines advise and why not to follow the Mr. O pro's. The book is backed by plenty of studies proving many of Michael's points and backing his knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness.

    I started following only a few of the principles he outlined in this book 3 weeks ago and I have already lost 4 pounds and my strength has gone up every week by at least 10 pounds an exercise consistently. This week I decided to adopt the entire weight regiment outlined in the book and I can't wait to see what kind of positive changes ensue. Excellent no nonsense information about building the body you want!!!!

    Update, I am in my 5th week of doing the weight routines and eating methods and I have lost 11 pounds to date and my strength has sky rocketed. This book cuts through all the confusion of workout programs out there and gives you what works to build a great physique. If your like most people who don't want to hear the hype and just want to get to a sensible workout and nutrition program that works then this book is for you.

    Some of the sections that explain exercise and terminology might be a bit basic for people who have experience with exercise but they are great reference sections. Great material and the workout routine is producing great results for me and I am working out in my basement with just free weights. I would probably be doing even better if I went to a gym!
    6 Comments  Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo
    59 of 64 people found the following review helpfulBy Andrew on June 4, 2013
    Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
    The book is amazing. I have just devoured it from cover to cover multiple times and the way it is written to the information is great. You never get bored with it either because the chapters are short and to the point.

    More to the results of reading the book and heeding what it has to say thought, I have been cutting for about 5-6 weeks now. I have tailored my 4 day split to what the book recommends along with tailoring my eating habits and I have lost about 13lbs so far, started around 184lbs and now at, depending on the day, 171-173lbs. I went from a 35 in waist now down to a 31 ½ in waist. I have gone up in weight in almost of my lifts and lastly my girly says that she noticed a huge difference in the first 2 weeks and I am just getting more solid now. Almost everybody can see the difference, and I was not a overweight guy then.

    I have read a few other books in the past on lifting and all that jazz but this is hands down the best on I have read. It covers basically everything you need to get started or modify your current routine.

    If you want to bulk, cut, or maintain, get this book. It’s not even a though of why, its why not.


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